Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jeb Bush Is Sad About De Blasio's Plan To End School Report Cards...

...As are some fellow rich people on the Upper East Side:

Jeb Bush doesn't think much of Bill de Blasio's plan to end the city's letter-grade system for evaluating schools.

“We were the first state to grade schools ‘A’ through ‘F,’" said Bush, the former Florida governor, who made education reforms a key part of his tenure, in an appearance at the 92nd Street Y on Monday night.

"New York City did it, and it was helpful to focus attention on underperforming schools," Bush said, adding that "the lowest performing schools and the lowest performing students saw the greatest gain.”

“Apparently the mayor-elect looks like he’s going to kill that. That’s a dumb idea," said Bush, to applause from a generally supportive crowd on the Upper East Side.

Who do you think would pay to go see Jeb Bush sling his crap at the 92nd Street Y?

People predisposed to like Bloomberg's school report cards and other education reforms, that's who.


  1. Ol Jeb supports DEEP automation in his future public,schools. He's neck deep in the edupreneur business.

    1. That's it - follow the money with Jeb and his brother Neil.