Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tisch, King, Gates Foundation Should Be Investigated By Moreland Commission

With the news that Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch has hired private employees from the Gates Foundations and other education reform groups to privatize the New York State Department of Education where they develop policy, implement those policies and just generally order the state employees around to do their bidding, we can see why neither she nor Commissioner King will allow any significant changes to the state's reform agenda or to forced collection of student data to the inBloom data project.

Quite frankly, the Board of Regents and the New York State Education Department have become subsidiaries of the Gates Foundation.

I wonder how the citizens of this state will feel as they learn that the reins of power in education policy have been handed over to lobbyists and education reform proponents from the Gates Foundation and other education reform entities?

I wonder how Sheriff Andy Cuomo will publicly respond to this news.

It sounds to me like the Moreland Commission needs to send some subpoenas the way of the Board of Regents, the NYSED and the Gates Foundation in order to get to the bottom of just who is paying to have which policies developed and implemented as the official education policy of this state.

Not that I think that will happen.

But it should.

As B-Lo-Ed Scene noted this morning

Seems Empress Tisch and her friends from the financial ionosphere have been buying and selling education policy and calling themselves charitable donors not influence peddlers.
That's the kind of thing that needs investigating.


  1. The Moreland Commission and the media should investigate. The Times might not pursue it properly but the Times-Union will more likely.
    If you haven't already dealt with this:

    As of the August 2011 Times story
    the Regents Fellows have taken much policy initiative.The Fellows would be paid as much as $189,000 in private money. $4.5 million had been raised, $1 million of which came from Dr. Tisch, as the Times noted, “one of New York's wealthiest families.” (Again, as of 2011)

    Dr. King said that the Wireless Generation bid was a no-bid contract because the Race to the Top set a brief timetable and that Wireless Generation was already agreeable with New York City's data system.

    The short timetable excuse was a frequent bureaucratic strategy according to Dr. Saul Cohen (former Regent, formerly of Queens College): it was difficult for Regents to discuss agenda items because agenda items were posted late to the Internet. Dr. Tisch used the excuse that this was the practice because of short-staffing.

    1. Yeah, they set up b.s. deadlines, then claim they "need" to hire these fellows to make the deadlines. Shock doctrine crap. Steiner belongs in jail. Tisch and King too.

  2. Beyond the doublespeak and the obvious misrepresentations, the Gates - Tisch scheme is a textbook case of corruption and influence peddling. Is the US legal system broken?

    1. Apparently it is. This is outrageous to me, but they've gotten away with it so far.