Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, November 29, 2013

If Bratton Replaced Kelly As NYPD Commissioner

Interesting piece from City-Journal about William Bratton's time at the LAPD.

Dunno what de Blasio's thinking on NYPD commissioner is, but whomever he picks must be less contemptuous of people of color than Ray Kelly is.

De Basio also must choose someone who will be someone strong enough and savvy enough to handle the pro-Kelly propaganda that will come his way as criticism from the likes of Mike Lupica and others.

I think Bratton could be the kind of commissioner who could transform the NYPD in a positive way while keeping crime levels down.

I bet stop-and-frisk wouldn't have become the issue it became if the mayor and the NYPD commissioner had the trust of people in neighborhoods like East New York and East Flatbush.

Community relations, having police work as part-cop/part-social worker instead of some member of a paramilitarized occupation force, ending the insane monthly quotas that put such pressure on the cops to constantly make stop-and-frisks, hand out tickets or make arrests - these kinds of policy changes could go a long way to making this city safer than ever while transforming the way the police are seen by people in this city.

Bratton is not the only person who could do this kind of transformative work at the NYPD.

But he does have a reputation for doing just that at the LAPD.


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