Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, November 15, 2013

Boycotting Tisch-Owned Businesses

A commenter raises the following point:

We might get "Money Honey" Tisch's ear by boycotting ALL Tisch family products and services, here and nationally. Aren't they in movie houses, entertainment, real estate...weren't they in big tobacco at one point...? Since this is a class war brought on us from the oligarchy....we gotta hit em where it hurts...that goes for Money Honey's empire...Rupert "The Hacker" Murdoch's educational pots and pans...Fox News, NY Post...Kaplan Inc...and many more....I think huge national boycotts on certain corp. products are the way to go...

I used to smoke Tisch Family cigarettes.

I started smoking Newport cigarettes at the age of 14.

They used to give them out in "sample" packs at Rockaway Beach.

We used to get hundreds of these little samples (four cigarettes to a sample box) and smoke our lungs out.

Took me 19 years to finally quit that ugly, nasty, deadly habit.

I quit 14 years ago.

The Tisch Family sold the cigarette part of their business empire, but every time I hear Merryl Tisch talk about how the SED/Regents reform agenda is for the kids, I think about all the kids her husband's cigarette company hooked on poison and I wonder how many will die early as a result.

I also think about what a hypocrite Merryl Tisch is.


  1. Could we have a list of what to boycott? And who to boycott, including cooking queens?

    1. Here's a starting list:

  2. Convey to your legislator your intention to boycott voting for them in 2014--while Tisch is reprehensible--corrupt--and serving private sector interests--she is beyond a boycott. If you watched the LI viedo you saw a perfect Marie Antoinette. She had no ability to grasp the concerns of the "rabble."