Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cuomo Cannot Run From His Own Education Reform Agenda

Nice try making believe you have no power or influence over education policy, Sheriff Andy,  but we all remember your State of the State addresses from 2012 (you student lobbyist you!) and 2013 where you bragged about how much you had to do with reform implementation in the state.

You fool no one with your "We're watching this closely..." jive.

You will be held accountable for this mess as much as Tisch and King will.

In fact, given your underwater performance numbers, you already are.

And its only going to get worse from here unless you do something about the Common Core, the tests tied to the Core, the evaluations that mandate all of those tests, and the data collection projection that parents cannot opt out of.

There will be no fixing this reform agenda around the edges, Sheriff Andy, just as there will be no running from your ownership of it.


  1. He so owns this mess. It was just genius how he tied state aid to completed APPR plans, many of which had to be read by Albany law students because NYSED couldn't handle the paper work. Just wait until parents fully awaken to their children's data being sent to the coffers of Rupert Murdoch and Gates without their permission. Then wait until parents realize that the math standards do not equip children to take calculus. Hope Cuomo realizes that we won't back down on tying this to him.

    1. Good point about the lawyers having to come in to read the paperwork because the systems were so complicated. I forgot about that. Any time you have a system so complicated it can't be explain, it's a problem. Alas, John King and his merry men and women in reform didn't realize that or perhaps care.

  2. "You! You can run, but you can't hide!". -THE ROAD WARRIOR

  3. Oh no, what will our poor students do without Andy to lobby for them!