Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Free Stuff Isn't Really Free

A commenter on an article in the Lancaster Eagle Gazette covering Republican criticism of the Common Core implementation in Ohio:

Thank you to the OHIO GOP for finally agreeing to study this important issue. We appreciate it! The National GOP came out against this 6 months or more ago. It is not for the good of the child. It seems to be for the good of Bill Gates, GE, Exxon Mobil and those who make software and sell books. Like Obamacare, it gives the Power to the Federal arm of government while ignoring We the People. It collects data on children Pre K to college to force our youth in the direction of the national desire not the desire of the student. It is beyond me why Catholic schools have agreed to go along with any of this. Probably for the money handed out by Gates Foundation. After all he has tried to buy off the PTA all across the US. FREE STUFF isn't really FREE. It comes with obligations and regulations galore. And maybe even lack of religious freedom. Please give this issue a lot of research. It is too important not to, our children only get one set of school years to make it!

Free stuff isn't really free - it comes with obligations and regulations galore.

That is true of Race to the Top funds, Gates Foundation grants, education reform "philanthropy" in general, Regents "Fellows" paid for by private donatinos so they can "help" the NYSED.

None of this stuff is "free."

It all comes with obligations and regulations and hidden costs.


  1. Those Gates-paid-for Regents Fellows "help" support educators the way a noose supports a hanged man.

    1. Or the platform supports the just about to be hanged man before it drops out on him.