Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chelsea Clinton Is As Full Of Shit As Her Parents

From The Daily News:

Hillary Clinton insists she isn’t “well-off” and now daughter Chelsea, according to a recent interview, claims she couldn't care less about money.

“I was curious if I could care about (money) on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t,” she told Fast Company in an interview that ran in the magazine's May edition, explaining why she gave up lucrative gigs to join her family’s philanthropic foundation.

Comparing her experience to the average millennial, the 34-year-old former first daughter defended jumping around to different careers — from consulting to a hedge fund to academia to journalism — before finding her true calling working with her parents.

“It is frustrating, because who wants to grow up and follow their parents? I’ve tried really hard to care about things that were very different from my parents … it’s a funny thing to realize I feel called to this work, both as a daughter and also as someone who believes I have contributions to make,” she continued about her reluctant status as a boomerang kid.

The Clinton name likely opened doors for the political heiress, including an eye-popping $600,000 annual salary for an irregular stint as an NBC special correspondent, but Chelsea insists her work speaks for itself.

“I will just always work harder (than anybody else) and hopefully perform better,” said Clinton, who along with former banker husband Marc Mezvinsky, purchased a $10.5-million Gramercy Park apartment in 2013. “And hopefully, over time, I preempt and erase whatever expectations people have of me not having a good work ethic, or not being smart, or not being motivated.”

If you didn't "care" about the money they paid you at NBC for the reports you did, why take all $600,000 of it?
I'm sure NBC would have happily paid you less for your work.

As for your claiming you work harder than anybody else and perform better, actual journalists at NBC beg to differ:
Though the network said she was “warmly welcomed” to headquarters at Rock Center, others described Clinton as demanding and underwhelming in her journalistic chops.

“There were ground rules, what she could and couldn’t report, only good news, no politics,” one NBC insider told BuzzFeed in 2012 about the process of bring her onboard.

Yeah, sounds like you so performed better than anybody else at your job, Chelsea.

Man, I didn't think there was any presidential offspring I could feel more scorn for than Jenna Bush, but Chelsea "Full of Shit" Clinton just made the list.

Meritocracy, American style.


  1. Wait, this young woman actually believes she got that 600 K per year broadcasting gig because of her intelligence and hard work?

    That's a hot one.

    The unmindful sense of of superiority and entitlement these people have is just off the charts

  2. By the time I was Chelsea's age, I had taught for three years in an alternative junior high (I was pregnant for two of those years and had an infant for the third), had lost both my first child and father, had been a stay at home mom for five years, and taught for two years at the highest risk school outside of the alternative school. My husband and I were both teachers and struggling financially every day. I would LOVE to see her try my life for a few months before she begins talking about how she works harder than everyone else. These 1% REALLY DO have no clue.

  3. Jenna is also with NBC. Tells you the state of reporting from the people that brought us Education Nation.