Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, June 27, 2014

Fox 5 New York Brings Joel Klein Onto "News" Show To Peddle Amplify Tablets

From back in March:

Former New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein is now the Executive Vice President for News Corporation (parent company of FOX 5). 

Klein visited the set of Good Day New York on Tuesday to discuss the new Amplify tablet.  
The device is designed for teachers and students.

"Teachers love it; students love it. The teacher can personalize (the tablet.)  A teacher can also click on and see what skills (the student) has mastered. Everything the student does is stored in a cloud," said Klein.

The Android based tablet is being piloted in school districts across the county.

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A commenter notes:

Joel Klein really has a face for radio! All kidding aside, he was a terrible Chancellor, is a terrible human being, and now he wants to peddle hundreds of thousands of these crappy tablets to schools nationwide....and the sad thing is, he'll probably succeed. From what I've seen, American kids already know how to play video games on smartphones and tablets....what exactly is the educational value of a game in which Tom Sawyer fights the Brontes? And how can you pitch this as "news" when it's a product YOUR COMPANY (Newscorp) is selling? From what I've seen the "Amplify" is only going to amplify problems.....and really, who wants to give Rupert Murdoch a camera that sees into children's bedrooms? FAIL!



  1. Joel Klein should sell dentures and hair in a can on late night informercials.