Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, June 12, 2014

SUNY Chancellor Says She's Not On Common Core Payroll

Behind a Capital NY paywall, but the Common Core-shilling SUNY chancellor answered the question I had this morning:

SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher said she’s not getting paid for her participation in a national campaign she joined this week to promote the Common Core standards.

Of course the next question that comes to mind, if we take Ms. Zimpher at her word that she's not taking cash to shill for Common Core, is what future benefits might she expect for the work she's doing hawking Common Core?


  1. The latest results from the Ed . Reform movement ...PHONEY grad rates...and suspected cheating by schools and survive the coming Big Data Invasion.. .to a shoo l near you...Fall 2014. I wonder what tech firms they will give the numbet crunching to. Microsoft...?

  2. But it does open doors, nice opportunities and future payouts from organizations financed by wealthy hedge fund managers and technology moguls.....

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