Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

De Blasio Approval Rating Up In New Quinnipiac Poll

Mayor de Blasio seems to have recovered much of the support he lost in that dust-up with Eva Moskowitz:

TREND: Do you approve or disapprove of the way Bill de Blasio is handling his job as Mayor?
                     Jun 11  Mar 18  Jan 16
                     2014    2014    2014
Approve              51      45      53
Disapprove           28      34      13
DK/NA                21      20      34 
Something to keep an eye on going forward, especially 
with Moskowitz looking for 14 new schools. 


  1. Good news! I think deBlasio is doing a great job so far. I know it's politics, just wish he would have avoided "enthusiastically supporting" Cuomo.

  2. As someone who enthusiastically supported him from the very beginning of his campaign, I would be in the disapprove category. I feel he didn't fight hard enough against the Cuomo charter attack. And then with his backroom deal making sure Cuomo got the WFP slot, I feel he allowed Cuomo to take the lead on charters and change the law so he wouldn't have to do it. And, I think the UFT was involved in this as well. Cuomo proved to him he could cut him off at the knees, and now he is Cuomo's puppet. That coupled with the way the DoE is still keeping many of Klein's personnel, and the closing of Jamaica HS despite pleas from community and political leaders and lastly, this contract that we now should see how destructive it is to remove any teacher's due process rights. Believe me when I warn you that decision to come to harm all teachers in the future. California is only the beginning. deBlasio ran saying these teachers should be placed. Farina just announced principals can hire who they like. Cuomo with the help of deBlasio and Farina will get what he wants in the end.