Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just Make Every Student A Former ESL Student And You'll Magically Raise Your Test Scores!

In case you missed this story in the NY Post:

Students at the troubled William Cullen Bryant High School in Queens were falsely labeled as not fluent in English — to grant them extra time to finish last week’s Regents exams, The Post has learned.

More than 100 teens in one teacher’s English classes were recently marked “FELL,” for “former English language learner.” The label grants students exam “accommodations” up to two years after they test proficient on the New York state English as a Second Language Achievement Test.

But many students given extra time on the Regents exams are native English speakers, staffers said. Others had once taken English as a Second Language but became proficient long ago.

“I was born in New York. I grew up in this country. I speak perfect English,” said a senior at the Astoria school who took the English Regents exam on Thursday — and got an extra hour.


Student rosters dated in March list 110 of 154 students, or 71 percent, in one teacher’s classes as former English language learners. Almost none was so identified on rosters last October, records show.

Teachers suspect a scheme by Principal ­Namita Dwarka and her administrators.

“It may be a way to skew the Regents results, or skew the credit the school gets for graduating these students,” a teacher wrote to the city’s Special Commissioner of Investigation last week.

An SCI spokeswoman said the matter was referred to city and state education officials.

If Namita Dwarka survives all the scandals and investigations she's under by the SCI and the DOE, then you know that de Blasio's and Farina's claims about a new kind of DOE, one that is different than the Bloomberg DOE, is a lie.


  1. Give everyone an extra hour on me.

  2. The most critical piece of advice, I think, is that teachers need to research EXHAUSTIVLY so that they understand the ins and outs of teaching ESL students abroad

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  3. Why is the DOE of NYC protecting abusive and dishonest administrators in detriment of hard working teachers?

  4. I am also a whistleblower and have enjoyed every second of it. I became a teacher to help students not hurt them. If we continue to come forward , we can start to neutralize the corruot DOE,UFT,OSI and SCI organizations. Everyone is in on this as you had mentioned. So quicker we educate our colleagues , the quicker we build a coalition to stop this destruction of the education system. Farina is not looking to put a halt on what is really going on. She is playing the game like change is coming, but at this pace she will be far out of office before anything substantial gets done. DOE your corruption will continue to get exposed and the embarrassment will spiral out of control. Continue programing everyone from top to bottom to destroy in order to protect their jobs. Great business model you crooks!