Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, June 12, 2014

City Council Passes Bill Requiring Charter School Data To Be Made Public

Erin Durkin at the Daily News:

The city will be required to publish reports that reveal the demographic mix and academic records of every charter school sharing space with a district school under a bill the City Council passed Wednesday.

Officials will have to list the number of kids who get free lunch, the proportion of special ed kids and students who are learning English, the racial breakdown and test scores at the charters compared with the traditional public schools that host them.

Durkin writes that charter advocates "welcome" the bill.

We'll see how they feel after a couple of years of the information being made public.


  1. Does this include how many children are registered before the deadline for state funding and how many of those same students are in that charter come the day of the test? I also thought State law prohibited charters from revealing this information. In fact didn't some judge, not sure if it was here in NYS, or somewhere else, find public charters to be private entities and therefore not required to divulge any information? I just don't see this law going anywhere.


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