Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cuomo Claims APPR Should Be "100% Accurate"

The statement came in the "fix" he pushed for teachers who are rated on the CCSS tests:

After negotiating with lawmakers and teachers' unions, Cuomo released a bill that aims to provide a “safety net” for teachers and principals who would be at risk of losing their jobs because of students' low scores on Common Core-aligned tests. Under the proposal, educators who earn “developing” or “ineffective”—the two lowest ratings—would have their scores recalculated without the components that are based on the Common Core tests. If the new scores are higher, then the original ratings could not be used against the educators in firing or tenure decisions. The changes would be in effect for this school year and next.

Cuomo said the proposal would apply only to those teachers and principals who have “developing” or “ineffective” ratings, because those are the educators who could be unfairly affected by the state's rough transition to higher standards. Teachers that were rated "effective" or "highly effective" are not at risk.

“The fear is that if, in fact, the transition to Common Core has been rushed, which is the operating premise here … you don't want to have a negative evaluation ... that's not 100 percent accurate,” he said.

“I believe long term in Common Core,” Cuomo continued. “And I believe the move to the Common Core is exactly right. But when the Regents [and] the state Legislature accepted the premise that we were somewhat rushed in the transition to Common Core and therefore had to make adjustments for students, these are the corresponding adjustments for teachers.”

Cuomo said he wished the state's transition to the standards had been more successful.

“Do I wish none of this happened?” Cuomo asked. “Yes. Does everyone wish that the Common Core had been implemented seamlessly and we didn't have to slow down the implementation on the student side and on the teacher side? Yes.

“But that's not the case,” he said.

Bruce Baker at School Finance 101 has done a great job of exposing just how inaccurate Cuomo's APPR teacher evaluation system is.

I'm sure Cuomo believes his own bullshit when it comes to talking about APPR as "100% accurate," but the administrators who are using it for evaluations and the teachers who are getting rated on it know it's garbage.

The MOSL is a joke, the state test score component is subject to a high margin of error, many teachers are being rated on student test scores in subject they don't teach.

100% accurate?

Not at all, Governor.

Actually APPR is about as accurate as the tax assessment on your Westchester home.


  1. Cuomo says" I believe in long term in common core and I believe the move to common core is exactly right". Well, if Cuomo, King, Tisch, Duncan and Obama sincerely believe that common core is right, why aren't their children being exposed it to it? Don't they want their children to be "College & Career Ready". Obama is so worried about children not being prepared globally, how about "Creating" jobs for young adults who just graduated from college. How about "FIXING" the economy instead of our educational system. Our educational system isn't broken. Damn FOOLS!!

  2. Oh so, the handful of students I had who flat out refused to take the post assessment MOSL seriously - one writing "piss off" in large letters, another writing about his thoughts on the Knicks, another not answering the question by repeatedly asking the question of why he has to take this if it doesn't go on his report card is an accurate assessment of how I educate many of my at risk students - LOLOLOLOLOLOL! The system is all about survival now - WHAT A JOKE!

  3. That's clearly your fault for not motivating the students properly. You have 100% control over all aspects of their lives, learning, thought processes, and choices. You are ineffective, deal with it. It's always the teachers fault, you should know that by now.