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Perdido 03

Monday, June 16, 2014

Zephyr Teachout Attacks Cuomo For "Looting" Public Schools

From Daily Politics:

Zephyr Teachout opened her “Summer of Democracy” by trying to put some progressive political heat on Gov. Cuomo.

Teachout, the upstart Fordham University law professor, formally launched her Democratic primary campaign by attacking Cuomo as the benefactor and protector of a corrupt political system that favors only the wealthy and most powerful segments of society.

“Four years ago, Andrew Cuomo stood on the steps of a courthouse names after Boss Tweed and promised to clean up corruption in New York State,” Teachout said. “But he, as Gov. Cuomo, has become the problem that candidate Cuomo promised to fix. The political system is still corrupt and rigged and Andrew Cuomo is not only part of the broken system, he has made it worse.”

Standing beside her running mate, Columbia University Law Prof. Timothy Wu, Teachout repeatedly portrayed Cuomo as a politician who has failed to address the state’s “equality crisis” and one who acted only to further his own political interests and those of his financial donors.

“He has never done anything that would irritate his wealthy donors,” Teachout said. “What I see is somebody who serves himself and his donors. And that is the most basic Democratic crime in a sense.”

Teachout slammed Cuomo for cutting corporate and business taxes and resisting efforts to maintain the millionaires tax. She also accused Cuomo of “looting” the public school system to serve wealthy interests.

If you want to help Teachout get on the ballot for the Democratic Primary, here's some information:

How To Volunteer To Get Zephyr Teachout On The Ballot By July 7 So She Can Primary Andrew Cuomo

You can get in touch with Zephyr Teachout's campaign here.

Petitions can be downloaded here - these directions go with the download:

Help get Zephyr on the ballot!

To make sure Zephyr's name appears on the November ballot we need 15,000 signatures of registered Democrats turned in to the NY Board of Elections (in person or by mail) before July 7th. 

Just download the PDF below, fill out the information at the bottom of the sheet and leave the page number blank. Please send all completed sheets to our campaign headquarters.

Finally, you can donate to Zephyr Teachout here

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