Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Open Thread: Last Day Of School

Here we are - the last day of school.

Your thoughts as you head off to work it?

(And yeah, I'm totally burnt from Regents grading and the rest of the end of the school year shenanigans, so what better to post than an open thread...)


  1. So many questions at the end of this year...

    How the hell are MOSL scores worked out?

    Without that info, how can future MOSL decisions be made?

    What will the Fall look like for ATR's?

    If Danielson is so wonderful why is it considered a good thing if 22 components get knocked down to 8?

    Why have "assessments" become such a big thing in students lives?

    With myriad student poverty, attendance, and homework issues how can teachers be held accountable for standardized test results?

    Why are the networks still in existence?

    Why are their still so many lawyers and consultants at Tweed?

    When will we see more than "tone" out of De Blasio and Farina?

    When will Common Core implode?

    When will Unity chapter leaders wake up to what is happening to our union and the rank and file?

    In essence, the state and the reformers don't know what they're doing, but our union is allowing them the "willy-nilly", "throw it all against the wall to see what works", "we don't know if this stuff will work", policies that are currently making teachers, students and their parents lives miserable.

  2. I'm so happy I got my $600 + bonus yesterday. I may change my vote on the contract now.

  3. First - congrats to RBE and the rest of the crew for making it though another school year. Great questions Pogue. Let me just deal with this one: When will Unity chapter leaders wake up to what is happening to our union and the rank and file?
    Never. They have too much skin in the Unity game - I'll be seeing many of them on their free junket to Los Ang at the AFT convention in 2 weeks. The only answer is to throw them out and replace them with an independent CL who hopefully will ally with the MORE CL crew - MORE will be running training meetings next year for prospective CLs and offer a support group for them.