Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, June 19, 2014

How To Take On The Bullies On The Board Of Regents And At NYSED

Sandra Stotsky exhorted parents to not let themselves be bullied by the state educrats who are pushing the CCSS/Endless Testing agenda down the throats of children all over the state.

But as Patrick Sullivan pointed out in a comment, it's difficult to bring about changes to the state's education policies when the Regents have the full support of the Democratic majority and NYSED Commissioner John King has the full support of those Regents.

Sullivan has a suggestion for how to handle that problem:

King is appointed by Tisch who is appointed by the Assembly. As long as they both have the full support of the Democratic majority in the Assembly nothing much will change with regard to education policy. That's why since stepping down from the Panel for Educational Policy, I've focused on getting people who will champion public school parents and teachers elected. In Queens, my PEP colleague Dmytro Fedkowsky, is challenging one of the very people Tisch and King rely on for support. In Manhattan, Robert Jackson, hero of the CFE litigation is running for State Senate. If people don't like state ed policy, we need to put new people in Albany to change the Regents.

Indeed, taking out politicians of both parties who support the corporate education reform agenda is the only way to change the policies in Albany.

Just as the Tea Party challenger who took out House Majority Leader Eric Cantor got the notice of establishment Republicans all over the country, if education activists and parents take out an ed deform backer in a primary or a general election, the rest of the ed deform backers will take notice.


  1. That's right, since the union leadership is either captive of the so-called reformers, or in bed with them, it's up to voters, parents and teachers alike, to make support for the Common Core politically unviable for state legislators.