Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How Many Teachers Voted For Obama In 2012?

I didn't - not after Race to the Top and Arne Duncan and the Rhode Island teacher firings that Obama applauded.

But I bet lots of teachers out there still voted for Obama because they were scared that Mitt Romney might get elected.

Well, here's what Obama and his people are doing now, teachers:

Teachers unions are girding for a tough fight to defend tenure laws against a coming blitz of lawsuits — and an all-out public relations campaign led by former aides to President Barack Obama.

The Incite Agency, founded by former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and former Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt, will lead a national public relations drive to support a series of lawsuits aimed at challenging tenure, seniority and other job protections that teachers unions have defended ferociously. LaBolt and another former Obama aide, Jon Jones — the first digital strategist of the 2008 campaign — will take the lead in the public relations initiative.

And you can bet Obama supports his former aides working to destroy the teaching profession and protections for teachers, because that's exactly what Race to the Top and the rest of the Obama education policies were all about.

In the future, don't let the bogeyman scare you away from NOT voting for an anti-teacher, anti-public education Democrat.
I refuse to be bullied into voting for an education reform Democrat no matter who he/she is running against.
Take New York, for example.
I'm not supporting Cuomo no matter what - not even if a poll the night before the election shows GOP candidate Rob Astorino within striking distance of Sheriff Andy.
Cuomo is anti-teacher, anti-traditional public schools and anti-union - so I am anti-Cuomo no matter what.
Obama is also anti-teacher, anti-traditional public schools and anti-union - so I am anti-Obama no matter what.
Teachers who supported Obama despite his record - well, he's paying you back now as he sends forth Obama administration shills to attack teachers. 


  1. Guilty
    Twice voted for Obama

  2. I, too, am guilty of voting twice for Obama. I can say that I will never allow myself to be rooked into voting for the lesser of two evils again. As for Cuomo, I won't vote for him, not even if he is running against Satan.

  3. So true, RBE. I told my classes that I did not vote for Obama in 2012. They were aghast and immediately called me a Romney Republican. When I told them I voted for Jill Stein of the Green party they had no idea there were other candidates.

    I think that is true for many Americans. They only believe it's one candidate against the other, without taking the time to look into other options.

    Though Stein's vote may have meant one less for Obama, I feel your point of Obama is a BS Democrat who is doing more to hurt teachers than Bush ever could.

  4. I too voted green. But, there is a "you know how it is going to turn out" especially here in NY

  5. I too voted for Jill Stein, Green Party in the last election. I had voted for Obama the first time and felt really betrayed by him.

  6. I voted for Obama. I was not going to and would have put Jill Stein on the ballot. After watching that bafoon Mitt Romney spiral that summer, I decided there was no way I would give 1 point extra to Romney......

  7. I won't vote for Cuomo either. He may indeed win, but I want him to win by the smallest of margins and be weakened politically. BTW not one other paper has picked up the story on Eva's graduation after Juan Gonzalez's piece.

  8. There was a clear cut alternative to the 2012 presidential election - the green party and Jill Stein should've been the choice for all unions especially the teachers.

    That mentality of voting a no-choice but a democrat has to stop. Democrats in every state have indicated that they are nothing more than Republican-lite impersonating as a democratic party.

    We need to change this dominating two-party election status and think alternatively. Both parties are joining forces to destroy the values of America.