Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, June 13, 2014

Zephyr Teachout Looks To Primary Andrew Cuomo

Game on:

It looks like Gov. Cuomo will face a Democratic primary in his bid for re-reelection.

Liberal professor Zephyr Teachout told a Manhattan Democratic club that petitions to advance her candidacy will be circulating beginning Friday.

Teachout challenged Cuomo for the Working Families Party ballot line last month. Cuomo beat her surprising insurgency but only after much arm twisting by Mayor de Blasio and union leaders who bankroll the leftist WFP.

Teachout announced her campaign team while seeking the endorsement of the Village Independent Club Thursday night.

WFP field director Mile Boland is quitting his party post to run her campaign.

“We’re coming out with our petitions (Friday),” Boland told the ViD members.

He said a running mate for lieutenant governor “we’re super excited about” also will be announced shortly.

Labor lawyer Arthur Schwartz is her treasurer.

Teachout, a professor at Fordham University, said she hopes to raise enough money to run a credible campaign against the well-funded incumbent.”

“My commitment to this campaign is I will tell the truth,” she said.

Time to take it to the corporatist shill Andrew Cuomo.

You expect the unions and the Democratic Party apparatchiks will do their best to do Teachout in if she primaries Cuomo.

And I'm sure Cuomo will have plenty of money to swat away at what he regards as an annoying little fly.

But just as Eric Cantor learned this past week, sometimes having party powerbrokers and lots of money isn't enough to stop party tank-and-file from sending a message.

I don't think Teachout can knock Cuomo off in a primary.

But I do think it is important to send a message to Cuomo and the other Democratic Party powerbrokers that they can no longer take the rank-and-file for granted.

The Tea Party people on the right long ago learned that message and you bet Republican leaders keep hearing it loud and clear (especially after Cantor's demise.)

Now it is important for people on the left to do the same in the Democratic Party.


  1. Cant we use the Tea Party method to fuck El Douche up...? No matter what your stagnant blu vs red ideology is...its not working any more...thats over...if u want to save your country..let alone your job..

    1. Totally agree - red vs blue is bullshit. It's 1% vs. 99%. And most of the pols are the paid whores for the 1%.