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Perdido 03

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Eva Moskowitz - Success Through Attrition

Juan Gonzalez the Daily News:

There was Eva Moskowitz, head of this city’s fastest-growing and most controversial charter school network, giving a fiery commencement speech Friday morning at the first graduation of her chain’s flagship school, Harlem Success Academy 1.

“As the founding parents of the founding school, you have made history,” she told the audience of beaming eighth-graders in their caps and gowns and their cheering relatives.

Days earlier, Moskowitz had stunned many in this town by asking the state to grant her 14 new charter schools, thus potentially catapulting her network to 46 schools.

The first Success graduating class, for example, had just 32 students. When they started first grade in August 2006, those pupils were among 73 enrolled at the school. That means less than half the original group reached the eighth grade. And just 22 of Friday’s grads will be moving on to the new Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, which is set to open this fall, while 10 opted for other high schools.

The first Harlem Success 1 class had 73 students enrolled in the first grade but graduated just 32 this month.
Where did the other 41 students go?
What happened that 57% of the students from that first grade class left the school by eighth grade?
I have a tag here at Perdido Street School blog called "Success Through Attrition" - the numbers from Moskowitz's first graduating class really bear out how accurate that tag is.
She keeps her test scores up by ensuring that any student who drags on the stats goes elsewhere.
She kept only 32 of 73 students from that first grade class.
41 went somewhere else.
Success through attrition indeed.


  1. It's pretty clear she should not be allowed to open 14 more schools. That being said, I'm sure she'll be opening 14 more schools.

  2. Had she been a principal of a public school where the graduation rate that low her school would be pegged for closure.

    Fortunately, she belongs to a hedge-fund billionaire club, with Cuomo as her protector, where the exploitation of minority children's education for the sake of Eva's ever-growing wealth is their motto.

  3. And, according to Juan Gonzalez's article this morning, out of the 27 student from the graduating class of Success Academy 1, zero made a high enough score on the exam needed to get into any of the select high schools. Makes you wonder how her students get such high stats on the state exams, doesn't it?

  4. At the end of the Gonzalez article, a Success Academy spokesperson said: "We are proud that 22 are going to Success Academy’s highly rigorous high school and 10 are going to other schools, among them highly selective schools.”

    I'm really interested in which those "highly selective schools" are. Would there be a way to find that out?

    Read more:

  5. It seems as though us in education are living in Iraq. Yes, this moskowitz character is simply a phony beyond belief. Started out with 73 and graduated 32. Well, thats 43 percent graduation rate at the DOE. Wow, close that moskowity J school down!!! Now!!! Where is bloomberg and Klein - get over here and the 3 of you all moskowitz, bloomberg and Klein can fudge the numbers for the futile public