Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

APPR Ratings Released

Check your NYCDOE email if you're so inclined to see what your APPR rating is.

These numbers were pulled fresh out of MaryEllen Elia's wig, so they're still steaming hot.

Last year, the numbers came from John King's goatee.

Or his ass - I can't remember.

In any case, I can tell you that looking at the state and local measures and talking to some other folks about the scores they got for those components, the state/local numbers appear to have come straight out of someone's ass again this year too.


Can't wait to play the Cuomo Matrix APPR Game this coming school year.

We'll be having even more fun than the past two years - unless the judge in the Lederman case throws this garbage on the trash heap where it belong.


  1. I received no score, what an efficient system

  2. How bout these ATR AP's RBE? We got 2 today!!!!! Nowhere to put these pathetic scumbags.

  3. Everyone I've talked to got a 15 on state and local MOSLs. That's fishy as hell!!! Everyone. Even another blogger posted theirs. 15 is the exact number that would put *all* of the power in the principal's hands.

    When I asked the Advance help desk how they chose comparison populations, they responded with "I don't know," and "wait for the technical paper." The technical paper was due to be published in February, got pushed back a month, and was ultimately never published.

    And, considering that the state did not comply with the court's demand for discovery in the Lederman case, yes, it seems these numbers are clearly derived from someone's duodendum.

  4. Will the UFT assist us with these questions please?

  5. I got two 16's. Don't know how, don't really care. I'm a music teacher. As long as you hit the 75 mark, you're good. All bullshit.

  6. Someone in the union should really step up and EXPLAIN THE MOSL SCORES. This is ridiculous!!!!!!

  7. My colleague was rated ineffective and told she has to do a TIP. I wasn't told that. I'm good. Not the least bit curious what Peter Pan numbers they've cooked up about me.

  8. FYI- my daughter started school today-- 3 new teachers, all hired from NYC. Next year they'll have at least 20 teachers retiring (probably more) at all levels due to a buyout. Looks like they'll have no problem finding seasoned teachers.

  9. I got all effectives. But, I'm sick of this bullshit system. I'm ready to move out of NY state. This is idiotic.

    1. Don't come to Jersey!

      Abigail Shure

  10. I am effective overall, but my state measures were ineffective (at 12). Meanwhile, half of my students (the gifted students) were not included!!!!! That dropped my score.

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