Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kathy Hochul: Who Cares About Criminal Probe, Buffalo Billion Is Creating Jobs!

That was her message today:

“I am so excited to tell the Buffalo Billion story. At this point already $875 million has been committed,” Hochul said. “We’re anticipating $8 billion in investment leverage as a result of this.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration has pledged the investment in the Buffalo area — which is aimed at drawing high-tech companies and employment along with it — will create up to 14,000 jobs.

“Those jobs will be created,” Hochul said. “Those jobs are committed. SolarCity is committed and it’s going to to continue as planned.”

Hochul, meanwhile, insisted the investigation by Bharara’s office — which has placed scrutiny on both SUNY Polytechnic leader Alain Kaloyeros as well as the SolarCity project — won’t chill the anticipated job creation. Echoing comments Cuomo made earlier this month, Hochul said the investment in Buffalo has been a success.

“A day doesn’t go by where we don’t see a spectacular headline talking about increasing construction jobs, the tech jobs, the tourism jobs that are now coming back as a result of the governor’s commitment to Buffalo,” she said.

This is what is known as putting a happy face on the coming criminal charges/indictments.

You can see the latest on the investigation into Cuomo''s Buffalo Billion here, here and here.

As John Gielgud told Liza Minelli in Arthur: Good luck in prison...


  1. You know where she's seeing those headlines right? In the Cuomo fellating, ed reformy, Buffett owned B-Lo Nooze. The sorriest fishwrap your chinchillas ever dropped a deuce upon.

    1. I was going to post about that, this morning' Buffalo News jive piece about how the Solar City project is humming along.

      Couple that Buff News "journalism" (which read like a Cuomo administration-penned piece) with the editorial they had a few days ago about how wonderful Louis Ciminelli is for the opera and what you have there is a rag carrying water for Cuomo and his henchmen.

    2. And the comical backdrop here in Buffaltucky is Carl Paladino absolutley HAAAAAAATES Ciminelli and takes every chance he gets to bitchsmack him.He hates the Nooze too though he doesn't seem to realize they share the same ed reform values, if he gets a chance to crack Ciminelli to them he's all over it.

  2. Hochul should not comment on this topic since her hubby avoided the issue while serving as the Federal prosecutor for the WNY region. The only investigator with the nerve to go after this scandal has been Bharara who likely ruffled the feather of his asleep on the job colleague.

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