Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, September 11, 2015

Scott Walker Fades In Polls


Scott Walker's summer plunge was put in stark relief on Friday, with a new Quinnipiac University survey showing the Republican presidential candidate polling near the bottom of the heap in Iowa.

Walker, the governor of neighboring Wisconsin, dropped 15 points in the state in the last two months in Qunnipiac's poll. In July, Walker led the pack at 18 percent. This time, he's near the bottom of the field of 17, at 3 percent. He earned similar support in last weekend's NBC News/Marist poll, at 5 percent.
The latest numbers underscore the cruel turn of events for Walker, who caught fire earlier this year with his plainspoken style and his track record of taking on and triumphing over the unions in Wisconsin. He has since tanked due to series of fumbles and a lackluster performance both on the campaign trail and in last month's first GOP debate.

I guess that "I stood up to the unions so I can stand up to Al Qaeda message he's running on isn't resonating with voters so much.

To see Chris Christie and Scott Walker, two pols who live off union bashing, plummet in the polling - well, that is enjoyable.


  1. Thanks, I needed some good news today.

  2. Could this be a trend: two corrupt, inept, blustering opportunists, union-bashing in the service of their corporate paymasters, imploding on the campaign trail? We can only hope (wait, wasn't that the word that got Bill and Barry 8 years in the Oval Office... better find another way to say it.)

  3. Hope, like love, is just a four-letter word.