Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, September 21, 2015

Quinnipiac Poll: Voters Back Teachers Unions Over Cuomo, 54%-31%

Capitol Confidential reports on a Quinnipiac Poll out this morning that finds 65% of New Yorkers do not believe standardized tests are the best way to measure student learning.

The poll finds a split for opt out (48%-47%), with huge regional disparities - opt out has more support upstate and in the suburbs than in New York City.

And the poll finds voters back teachers over Cuomo generally on specific issues like tenure and merit pay as well:

Though what voters think of opt-outs is a mixed bag, they’re put more faith in the teachers unions, which pushed the opt-out movement, to improve education than they put in the governor (54-31). Voters also strongly rebuke the idea of teacher pay and tenure being based on how well students perform on standardized tests.

If you're an education deformer pushing an education deform agenda, the poll numbers are moving against you on a host of issues, from tenure to teacher pay to standardized testing to Common Core.

Even the opt out findings are a victory for the Opt Out movement.

Can you imagine 48% saying it was okay to opt children out of standardized tests just a couple of years ago?


  1. The teachers unions are NOT responsible for "pushing" the opt out movement. The opt out movement is a 100% grass roots parent led movement.

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