Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Can Roger Tilles' Reversal On Test Scores Tied To APPR Be Believed?

So-called big news out of Long Island:

Roger Tilles of Great Neck, now in his 11th year on the state Board of Regents, told a teachers conference in Port Jefferson that Albany faces the risk of growing opposition to the job evaluation system unless it reverses course.

“I oppose the use of standardized tests to evaluate teachers and principals,” Tilles said, drawing applause from about 400 teachers and school administrators at Earl L. Vandermeulen High School in Port Jefferson. “Not admitting a mistake is making a bigger mistake.”

Tilles voted for the system in June, now he's opposed to it?

What changed in the last two months that Tilles sees the light all of a sudden?

Here's my response to the Tilles "news":

I'm not the only skeptic out there - here's a commenter at Diane Ravitch's post on the Tilles news:

This is not a reversal. Roger Tilles has been consistent. He’s come out publicly against student test scores linked to APPR since 2011. It’s just that he keeps voting for it anyway. So don’t be fooled into believing this big announcement means anything.

Here's another:

Ditto to the above comment. Nowhere does Tilles state that he will vote “no”. This is a PR/spin campaign ( the motivation for which that I cannot figure out). Perhaps public figures who are sell outs, who fall short of the mark need to try to convince themselves as well as the public that they are actually “good guys”???

I titled the post "Can Roger Tilles' Reversal On Test Scores Tied To APPR Be Believed?"

Given Tilles' track record of contradictory statements and actions, the answer is - no, he cannot and should not be believed.

Until I see differently, I fully expect Roger Tilles to vote the way Merryl Tisch tells him to.

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