Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cuomo Bemoans Gender Inequality In America Even As His Own Administration Displays Wage Gap Higher Than The Average

From the "What A Hypocrite!" file:

At an event at New York University earlier this month, Cuomo bemoaned the “chronic sexism that still exists in society.”
Symptoms of this sexism, he argued, could be found by looking at females’ economic status.

“Women comprise 52 percent of the workforce, but only 14 percent of executive offices, eight percent of top earners, and four percent of Fortune CEOs are women,” he lamented. “Women earn 84 percent in general of what men earn ... they earn $11,000 less per year than their male counterparts.”
This gap is wider in Cuomo’s own administration, where women earn an average of 73 cents for every dollar made by men.

A large majority of employees in the Executive Chamber, all of whom serve at the pleasure of the governor, are women. The 96 females working in Cuomo’s office, however, tend to have the lowest-paying jobs, while the 52 men are disproportionately represented in the positions with the highest salaries and most power.

Despite the fact that there are nearly twice as many women as men working directly for the governor, 21 of the 30 individuals earning more than $140,000 per year are male. Of the ten individuals with the highest salaries, only two (the fourth-higherst, Linda Lacewell and eighth-highest, Melissa DeRosa) are female.

At the other end of the spectrum, 40 of the 57 individuals who make less than $60,000 a year are female. Most of them have the job title “confidential steno,” which is described in various job listings on state websites as “secretarial.” Over 87 percent of people with this title working for Cuomo are women.

Here's how the Politico NY story played on Twitter:

When Politico NY questioned the demographic and wage breakdown of the administration, one of Cuomo's attack monkeys flew into action:

“The indisputable fact is that this is the most diverse administration in decades and women occupy positions at the highest levels,” said Cuomo spokesperson Dani Lever. “Any tortured analysis trying to state otherwise simply isn’t accurate.”

Lever did not provide details showing how she concluded that Cuomo’s administration was the most diverse in decades.

"This premise is hypocritical, wrong‎ and ignores the fact that women have preeminent positions within the administration and were three out of four court of appeals nominations -- not to mention that the Governor's running mate and second highest ranking official in the entire state is a woman,” Lever later added. “This record surpasses previous administrations, not to mention Politico's own executive hiring practices, the results of which are abysmal by any analysis."

The Politico NY piece had showed how previous administrations had either a similar breakdown of women occupying positions at the highest levels or slightly better, so how the Cuomo flack could say “The indisputable fact is that this is the most diverse administration in decades and women occupy positions at the highest levels" is beyond me.

But that's what Cuomo and his minions do when under attack - attack back and claim everything about the Cuomo administration is "historical" and "without precedent" while their facts are "indisputable."

Steve McLaughlin puts it into pithy perspective:

It's interesting to see how the Cuomo attack monkey reacted to the Politico report because just yesterday, we were hearing how Cuomo had gotten his mojo back thanks to the de Blasio attack, that Cuomo's at his political best when he is out for the "kill" and de Blasio gave him that motivation after he attacked him on NY1 early in the summer.

Now a day after the declaration that Cuomo's mojo back, Cuomo's M.O. is back too - say one thing, do another, deny and mock the clear and obvious facts when called on your hypocrisy.

That's why Cuomo's revived mojo, such as it is, is temporary at best - because his M.O. is never far behind.

There were better ways to deal with this gender inequality story then the "deny and attack" tact the flack took.

But that's pretty much all they do in the Cuomo administration and that's why whatever returned mojo Cuomo appears to be strutting with won't last for long.

Cuomo's his own worst enemy and it's often when he is riding high that he allows his personality flaws and defects to hurt him - as happened here.


  1. Yea this is the new trend tactical demagogic feminism by neoliberal politicians whose victorian thatcherite policies harm working women

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  3. Quid Pro's mojo is back cos back door Billy hit him in the poop chute again over the 9/11 commemoration festivities and their leather clad Macho Man Hog ridealong. Geriatric Village People clones, I tell ya.