Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cuomo Approval Falls To Lowest Ever In Latest Quinnipiac Poll

Laura Nahmias at Politico NY:

Statewide, Cuomo’s approval rating has dipped to its lowest rating ever. Just 43 percent of voters across the state approve of the job he's doing. And 43 percent of voters view Cuomo unfavorably, while his favorability stands at 45 percent, the poll showed.

On particular issues:

Cuomo remains under water when it comes to key issues: 52 percent of voters give him a negative rating for his handling of ethics, 54 percent hold a negative view of his handling on education and voters are split, 40 percent to 42 percent, on his handling of the state budget.

De Blasio's fares very badly in the poll too - worse than Cuomo:

Among New York City voters, de Blasio’s unfavorability rating is higher than it is statewide. Almost half of city voters polled, 49 percent, say they have an unfavorable opinion of the mayor, while 37 percent say they hold a favorable opinion of the mayor. In August's Quinnipiac poll, 44 percent of respondents statewide disapproved of the mayor, and the same percentage approved.

Cuomo's been strutting around lately, sticking it to de Blasio time and time again, and while damage is being done to de Blasio, it's also being done to Cuomo:

Thirty-five percent of voters believe de Blasio didn’t work hard enough to win the passage of New York City-centric legislation, while 32 percent believe Cuomo sought to undermine the mayor with state lawmakers.

Voters in New York City are split, too, over blame: 39 percent believe the feud is de Blasio’s fault; 38 percent point to Cuomo.

“As government observers, voters are divided. Who’s to blame for the legislative session that left the city wish-list short? Cuomo ‘undermined’ de Blasio, says about a third of voters,” said Quinnipiac pollster Mickey Carroll. “De Blasio didn’t work hard enough, says another third. The rest don’t know – or don’t care.”

One thing's clear from the first poll we've had since Cuomo and the tabloids went on a concerted effort to destroy de Blasio - it's working.

De Blasio's favorability is at 23% with an unfavorable rating of 46% - brutal numbers.

He's got to turn those numbers around soon or he's got trouble next election.

As for Cuomo, the alpha male crap isn't helping him - but he doesn't seem able to help himself.

Also would note, the poll was taken largely after his call for a minimum wage increase, but his approval still dropped to the lowest ever in the Q poll.

More on the poll in a bit.

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