Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Michael Bloomberg Said To Be Considering Run For The White House

Run, Mike, run!

A Roger Simon reply to the Bremmer tweet puts this into perspective:

You got that right, Roger.

My new favorite political analyst, the very astute 102 year old Richard M. Nixon, gives us the last word on the Bloomberg trial balloon:

Me too, Mr. President.

Me too.

And I think he'll be quite successful if he runs.

Isn't the country desperately longing for a New York billionaire who wants to take away their guns, Big Gulps and styrofoam?


  1. Ah, yes, a NYC billionaire whose contempt for "ordinary" human beings oozes out of every pore: that's the answer to the illin.'

  2. How about all those fraudulent technology contracts? How about the Christmas blizzard? Bloomberg was grossly incompetent as a mayor of New York city and NOW he wants to become President? What a laughingstock mayor that the Bloombucks was!

    1. How about Cathy Black? How about go see a Broadway show during Hurricane Sandy?.....How about all the elitist, Bozo crap that oozed out his mouth? How about illegally flying airplanes over the East River? How about evacuating his royal ass to the Bahamas during snowstorms?

  3. Bloombucks could trump Trump on the moneybags contest!

  4. Michael Bloomberg, Mr. 1%. No, Mr. Michale Bloomberg ,
    Mr. .0001%

  5. Unfortunately Mr. Moneybags did a great deal to destroy what was our city. Turned it into big box moneyland. Remade our New York into his own image and took away the soul of the city.

  6. A United States of America with Mikey Bloomberg as president will be a living hell. If this jerk gets into office pack up the car and move to Canada as this guy is the devil roaming the earth.

  7. Compare shit head bloomberg to trump. They both are billionaires but the biggest difference is that trump truly cares about the country and helping the middle class. Bloomberg wants to do it for his fat head ego and nothing else. Bloomberg as we all know in NYC killed our school system. Bloomberg created a system of hate and divide among educators. Bloomberg hired incompetent people just because he was friends with them...i.e. cathy black......bloomber g is poison and the fact that he wants to run for president makes me want to vomit.