Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Elia Announces Online Testing, State Moves Forward On Broadband Push


ALBANY — New York state’s third through eighth grade students could be putting away their number 2 pencils and instead completing standardized tests online in the 2016-17 academic year.

The state began the push toward computer-based testing in 2012, but is now setting the timeline for implementation as part of its $44-million, five-year contract with Minneapolis-based testing company Questar Assessment, Inc.

“We need to move to where we can use the power of technology to give us feedback more quickly,” state education commissioner MaryEllen Elia told POLITICO New York. “So online testing is a positive thing and allows us to not have this long and drawn-out system that we have.”

And today:

New York is moving forward with an expansion of broadband to under served areas of the state, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office on Thursday announced.

Cuomo today announced the request for information process had started in the broadband push — considered one of the last steps in laying out the program’s guidelines.

The broadband push — which is aimed at expanding Internet service to urban and rural swaths of the state — was first announced last year during Cuomo’s re-election campaign.

The move is designed to encourage private companies to bring broadband service to areas with slower-than-average Internet speeds with the addition of state funds.
“High speed internet access has become an essential ingredient of any strong economy and New York is leading the nation to close the broadband gap,” Governor Cuomo said. “With this action, we are engaging providers, municipal leaders and other stakeholders to help ensure the New NY Broadband Program leverages the State’s investment in the best way and fulfills its goal of providing access to high speed Internet to every New Yorker in every corner of this state.”
The goal of the broadband program is to have every New Yorker receive access to high-speed Internet by 2018.


Just in time for the online tests - oh goodie!

This of course was always one of the big rationales for Cuomo's broadband push.

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  1. Broadband and Smart Schools Bond Act were both driven by Common Core. And did anyone remember Andy and his political sponsors informing residents that their local school district was going to be required to front the money for Smart School projects--to be reimbursed later by Sherriff Andy? So while we are still suffering from Andy's GEA he sticks local districts with Smart School costs. Andy and the legislature are using local dollars as a loan to the state while they get credit politically. He is PATHETIC--and the mainstream media is still afraid of his lame butt!