Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Merryl Tisch Says Common Core Review Will Rebrand CCSS To Something Like "Empire State Standards"

As many have been saying since Governor Cuomo announced a Common Core review that would look at the standards, the testing and the curriculum, the review appears to be a smoke and mirrors deception to simply keep going with the state's education reform agenda.

Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch acknowledged as much today on Capital Pressroom:

This echoes something NYSED Commissioner MaryEllen Elia said earlier this year when she said she wanted to "repaint" the Common Core standards so parents would like them more.

Repaint, rebrand review - it's seemingly all jive when it comes to real change for education policiy in New York State.
Here's another "concession" from the state Tisch announced today:


The whole system is an aberration:

See here for how you can go from 14 out of 20 to 1 out of 20 to 11 out of 20 in three years with similar test score results.

It's the APPR teacher evaluation VAM lottery - place your bets, winners get to keep their jobs, losers lose theirs.

Clearly the Lederman APPR case has the state worried, as does stories about school districts wity "excellent" schools who scored poorly on APPR ratings, which is why Tisch is announcing the APPR appeals panel.

But if the appeals panel is anything like the NYCDOE appeals process, it will be rigged for the kind of outcomes the establishment wants - that is, ineffective ratings for most teacher who file appeals that stand as they are (even the UFT acknowledges very few negative ratings are overturned.)

So Tisch is making some news here by not really making any news.

Nonetheless that Tisch is talking this stuff on the radio lets you know that the powers that be in Albany are worried that their education reform house of cards is at risk of being torn down by the barbarians at the gates (i.e., parents and teachers) and they're trying - really trying - to fool us into thinking their addressing our concerns.

They're not, of course:

Indeed we do need more than a name change of the standards, some minor tweaks to the testing regime and an appeals panel that will be rigged for outcome announced as if it has any real effect.

But that's what we're getting from Cuomo, Tisch, Elia, et al.

Repaint, rebrand, review - it's all the same jive.


  1. Would not a rose by any other name smell so sweet.
    Will Shakespeare

  2. These people continue to make fools of themselves. They are so out of touch with what is important to parents, teachers and students. They regurgitate the same nonsense over and over again. Same goes for our unions.

    Parents across the state did a great job sending a message last spring, NYC parents less so. That's the key to bringing this to the tipping point. NYC parents need to hold their kids out of these tests so the Endless Testing Regime packs up and goes away. It won't happen until NYC gets into the 30-40% opt out range.

  3. Pardon my language, but it's like renaming "shit" to a "completed nutritional essence".

    Thus, Common Core Standards are akin to a completed nutritional essence.

  4. We need to contest the whole pseudoscientific discourse of standards which has been political and reactionary since day long as uft nysut nea et al keep speaking this language they concede too much...

  5. Note that Tisch says what the panel will do before the panel has even been formed. Democracy, Cuomo-style.

  6. The more Tisch opens her mouth to say something, the more I am truly convinced that she lacks the capacity to understand people and is indifferent to human morals and values. Or perhaps, it is beyond her fault...the lack of demonstrable intelligence in Ms Tisch is indicative of sheer stupidity, either purposeful or beyond her control.

    In any case, Ms Tisch is completely unqualified and incompetent in the position she occupies, and must be either forced to resign immediately, or be removed from office...for the sake of New York and for our children.

    1. "the lack of demonstrable intelligence in Ms Tisch is indicative of sheer stupidity, either purposeful or beyond her control."

      No it is indicative of the fact that she married a billionaire so she got appointed to office without being worthy of it.

    2. Vodka and Xanax are brain numbing...but make you want to talk incessantly. I think that explains the nonsense we hear from ol' Tuschie on a regular basis.

  7. Don't worry Magee and Mulgrew will declare victory!

    Here's a chance for real leaders to lead and we get these two morons.

  8. No, Meryl, they are copyrighted. You aren't changing jack. Nice try though.

  9. HYSTERICAL!!!!! RBE, it's just like rebranding a closing high school. HAHAA!!! LOVE IT!!!! Take a shit school and slice it up into 5 shit schools and call it different names to trick the public. Guess what? It's the same shit kids in the same shit school in different shit parts called mini schools. You ain't fooling anybody by calling it a different name. Same shit diff name.

  10. Fourteen years of test-and-punish policies have produced ZERO tangible benefits. Cuomo's Regents Reform Agenda (RTTT/CCSS) implemented over the last three of those years have been an abject FAILURE. The evidence is conclusive.

    Cuomo is now giving 140+ struggling schools just one year to improve [test scores] or else, while giving his fraudulent, unqualified policies a political eternity.

    And we get to listen to Magee and Mulgrew fiddle while Andy is gleefully burning down the once great, NYS public school system, and Elia gets to fan the flames.

  11. This is the year of the people-Trump, Bernie, Opt-out-not the year of the status quo. These are very interesting times.

  12. I've been away from the NY school system for many years, so I'm no longer knowledgeable about what's really going on, as I once was: first-hand. So I haven't yet formed an opinion about Common Core. However, I just read another article about what Tisch said on Capitol Pressroom, and the following which was reported there and not here struck me as true, important, and relevant:

    "Remember, when we started this whole effort in 2008, we were getting national tests where 30 percent of New York state’s kids were proficient, yet on our state tests 90 percent of them were proficient. We were getting remediation rates at our community colleges over 80 percent. So we knew there was a problem. You can either bury your head in the sand or choose to rip the band-aid off and move forward.”

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