Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NYSED Commissioner MaryEllen Elia Hasn't Met With Governor Andrew Cuomo Yet

What to make of this?

ALBANY — State education commissioner MaryEllen Elia said that her agency and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to be on the same page as the department and a Cuomo-created commission both push to review the Common Core standards and complete their reports before the governor's State of the State message in January.

“I don’t think that the work that’s being done by the governor’s commission excludes the work that’s being done by [the state education department], but clearly we need to work together,” Elia told POLITICO New York.

In another use of executive action to advance his education reform agenda, Cuomo earlier this month announced that his education commission also will do a comprehensive review of the implementation of the Common Core.

If I read that correctly, Elia's begging to not be thrown to the side as the "Common Core Review Party" gets under way.

And you can see why she's got that concern given this information:

The governor and the education commissioner have not discussed the matter in person, because they have yet to meet face to face, more than two months after Elia took over the department.

The commissioner and governor have spoken on the phone, Elia said.

“I’ve had multiple conversations with the governor. He’s been very busy, as have I," she said.

Oh, yeah, you're very busy and so is he, so you can't meet with him to discuss your joint plans on education because, well, you don't really have any joint plans because he's really running stuff even though nominally he has little power over education.

No wonder she's taken to begging Cuomo in public to be invited to the Common Core Review Party:

It’s a control issue, said former Bronx assemblyman Michael Benjamin, about Cuomo not meeting with Elia.

“The governor wants to do things on his own time table and kind of have her stew a bit before he meets her,” he said.

Unlike states where the education commissioner is appointed by the governor, New York's commissioner is appointed by the state Board of Regents, whose members are chosen by the Legislature.

“She is not his choice,” Gerald Benjamin, a professor of political science at SUNY New Paltz, said of Elia.

So here we are, just two and a half months into her NYSED tenure, and we're already seeing MaryEllen Elia having to fight to save herself from irrelevancy.

You know that over/under in Vegas on when Elia gets canned and/or decides to "spend time with her family"?

I think the odds are shifting a bit more toward "under."


  1. Cuomo's "education team" consists of Cuomo and a few Students First hacks. Elia better get used to the feeling of tires rolling over her back.


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  2. RBE,
    The best job in the DOE right now is ATR Ap or ATR Principal. You have people making 130-150K doing absolutely nothing. Showing up and collecting cell phones at the main lobby is my ATR AP's major responsibility. I asked her about her "new role". She said "I'm in heaven!" This woman was an assistant principals with headaches, demands, and everyday disasters minute after minute, all for 130K. Now she's an ATR AP who the administration of 3 in a mini school has no idea what to with do with a 4th, has her collecting cell phones at her same rate of 130K. I mean what an amazing system this is. Hundreds and hundreds of administrators with no "real" job making big $$$ with no responsibilities. The best part is that they love it. It's a dream she told me.

  3. Do the real story on the ATR administrators roaming nyc RBE. Tattoo Facebook crazed terminated principal Sheron Smalls is now an atr ap at my school in the The Bronx (Women's Academy for Excellence) making the salary of a principal. Where's the NY Post story on these atr's cleaning up with $$$.

  4. I got a better one. I heard the former principal John Chase who wanted to stick his dick in the copy machine 4 years ago is still making his admin salary. He's at Bronxwood Prep Academy in Bronx. Haaaa!!!!!!!!! So funny!!!!!

  5. Why would Quid Pro Quomo meet with her...she is not a large donor!

  6. Queer Andy's way or the MF Highway? Guess Daddy Mario might not've approved.Well he's croaked,so...

  7. She strikes me as someone I'd avoid spending time with, too. First Cuomo decision I agree with.

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  9. Please watch that MaryEllen Elia does not try to site cell towers on your school properties as she did in HIllsborough County, Tampa, Florida. Our children and neighborhoods are still paying the price for her revenue raising....with their very health.

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