Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cuomo's Common Core Review: Less A Reboot, More A Showboat

David Bloomfield pans the Cuomo Common Core review:

“This is unlikely to make a difference, other than to provide the governor and other leaders with cover for a pre-set agenda,” David Bloomfield, an education leadership professor at Brooklyn College and at the City University of New York Graduate Center, told POLITICO New York. “I think it’s showboating.”

“Mostly, this seems like a strategy to deflect attention from Cuomo's ruinous program of test-based school and teacher evaluations, the root cause of the opt-movement, none of which are addressed in this toothless initiative," he said.

Indeed, it's a move meant to provide political cover for the governor ("I'm listening to parents' concerns!") without really having to change the part of his agenda that drives so much of the hostility from parents and teachers - the Endless Testing regime used to punish teachers and schools.

The task force is rigged with a bunch of Common Core supporters, they could issue the guidelines now before meeting, because there will be no radical change - no reboot - in their recommendations.

They'll tweak some of the tests, they'll shorten them (as NYSED says will already happen), they'll put some nonsense about limiting "test prep" in schools in place that will be about as useful as Cuomo's SAFE ACT (which can't be enforced), but that's about it.

In short, it will be a rebrand, with little substantive difference to the day-to-day realities of students and educators.

I don't think this will work out the way the governor wants it to.

In the end, few will be fooled by Cuomo's "reboot" of the Core - parents and teachers have heard way too much jive from the politicians and the educrats over the course of the Education Reform Era to be fooled by it.


  1. I hope it fucken pours on those charter idiots tomorrow, wednesday when the jerk wipes march over the brooklyn bridge. Jeremiah killedge whatever his name is should get soaked by a deluge of rain which is being sent from the pope to the morons at success academy and their fearless leader with the bare legs. These people are poison to our society and system and I would love nothing other than to see a down pour spew all over these idiots marching for the sake of demeaning our public schools and teachers. Shame on these bozos.

  2. Curious choice of words that reboot. During the year I spent in an altered state while flunking out of Geneseo State College there was a gaggle of frat bro idiots who liked to get roaring drunk and puke out of dorm windows, the higher up the better. They called themselves The Booters. Cuomo rebooting Common Core makes a lot of sense in this context as it seems as though Coleman et al were wretching and in distress as they threw it together.

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