Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, September 28, 2015

Cuomo Says He Hears Parent Concerns Over Common Core, But Chooses Rubber Stamp Commission For Review Process

From the "Sure you've heard parent complaints" file:

Cuomo’s office released a video featuring the governor, who acknowledged changes are needed to the standards.

“I have heard the message clearly,” Cuomo said in the video. “We must taken action and we must take action now to fix our schools.”

And what action is he taking?

Why, putting the same guy in charge of the last rubber stamp education commission in charge of this rubber stamp commission:

Former Time Warner and Citigroup CEO Dick Parsons will lead Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest effort to overhaul the controversial Common Core education standards in New York, his office on Monday announced. 
The panel will be charged with reviewing the standards and making a package of recommendations aimed at overhauling the standards. 
The panel was formed as the Department of Education forms its own committee to review the standards. 
The Parsons-led commission — which also includes Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia — is expected to have its recommendations ready by January, time for the governor to deliver his State of the State address.

Elia has already told us that she too hears parent concerns but we cannot go backward on the standards (i.e., "I really didn't hear you but am only making believe like I did...")

Now we've got Cuomo saying the same soothing words about hearing parent concerns but showing through his actions that he really didn't hear them at all.

The commission is supposed to report back to the governor before his January State of the State speech.

Frankly, they could just issue the report now because the whole process is rigged - just like the last time around. 

If Cuomo and Elia think they're fooling anybody with this dog and pony show, I've got a Tappan Zee Bridge construction project to sell them.


  1. What is the status of our evaluations? I am meeting with my principal this week to choose the number of observations that I want for the year. (6 informals or 3 informals with one formal) I thought the law was changed and that we have outside evalulators and less observations. Any info is much appreciated!

    1. Has your Local and District applied for a waiver? In the absence of a new negotiated agreement, the previous plan remains in force.

    2. I work for the DOE in NYC. I don't understand your statement. My understanding is that Cuomo and the legislature signed the new evaluations into law. (It is considered an "emergency" implementation as there is a 30 day per for public input but I thought that it is still law and must be implemented)

    3. There are parts of the evaluation that may be negotiated, even in the new law. I am not sure how the UFT and NYC DOE operate, but the parties may apply for a waiver (or two) of the implementation timelines if they are negotiating the terms of the new APPR but cannot reach agreement by the deadline(s). It seems as if there has not been a new agreement if you are being offered the choices from the previous plan. The outside evaluator is a given, but the weight of their evaluation is negotiable, as are the number of observations in total.

  2. Why would Elia--who is supposed to recommend/make education policy through an unpolitical Board of Regents agree to serve on a Commission that looks to usurp the power of that Board? Do either Cuomo or Elia understand the NY State Constitution? Do either of them want to live by our constitution?

  3. Baby Daddy Dick Fucking Parsons! This is awesome. Upward Failure World Champ of the 21st Century. It doesn't get any more ridiculous than this mofo. .

  4. Ha! So he has to review standards that he put in place over 3 years ago?! For which he mandated tests 2years ahead if every other state in the country. For which I still have neither a curriculum, nor textbooks? Newsflash, Governer, you don't test kids when there is no curriculum. And, if after 3 years there are still no textbooks/curriculum, then the standards might be too bullsh** to be implemented in the first place.

    Oh, but, now he's going to get a businessman to fix it. Really? The Governers Association hired business consultants from McKinsey and Company to write the standards in the first place. That worked out so well that we have to "review" them now. Is this guy your Cathy Black?

    Look, standards have been developed before; one's that were successfully developed into curricula that were piloted and widely scaled. The key word is "piloted." The standards were not mandatory, and maybe they should have been. But, they were successful in places where they were adopted all over the country. Districts that used them had PISA results that exceeded those of Singapore and Finland. Yet, for some reason the successful standards were completely discarded and the careful process behind their development was not recreated this time. No NSF funded research. Nothing.

    This is disgraceful. Governer Cuomo, *you* are fully to blame for this,". First class bungling. Just disgraceful the way you've handled this. Shameful, disgraceful, and arrogant. You've done so much damage. Anyone who has *any* connection to children in this state will not forgive you for this. You don't have a prayer for re-election.

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