Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, September 21, 2015

Quinnipiac Poll: Two Thirds Say Teacher Tenure, Pay Should NOT Be Based On Test Scores

Politico NY on the Quinnipiac Poll released this morning:

Voters also sided with unions on teacher pay and tenure, with 69 percent saying pay should not be based on how well the students perform on state tests and 26 percent saying it should.

Similarly, 67 percent say teacher tenure should not be based on test scores, with only 28 percent believing it should. This goes against the new teacher evaluation system pushed by Cuomo, which bases half of teachers’ scores on students’ performance on the exams.


The majority of voters - 65 percent - said state tests are not an accurate way to measure how well students are learning, compared to 31 percent who said they are.

69% opposed to merit pay based upon test scores, 67% opposed to tenure based upon test scores, 65% say standardized tests are no the best measurement of student learning.

The question wasn't asked, but you'd have to htink based upon these numbers that voters would not support Cuomo's APPR teacher evaluation system that bases 50% of a teacher's rating upon test scores.

And yet, here we have the system based upon just that and the teachers unions in the state helping Cuomo tweak it with an appeal process instead of just working to get the thing shelved outright.

The poll numbers against testing are about two to one against using them for merit pay, tenure or measurement of student learning.

Isn't it time NYSUT and the UFT ran ads touting these numbers and calling for the end of APPR as we know it and instead of helping Cuomo try and save it with some minor tweaks?


  1. I have said it once, and I'll say it again: The ed-deformers do not care about polls. The politicians are in the deep pockets of the ed-deform industrial complex. They listen to money and money alone. Don't fool yourself thinking otherwise.

    1. Disagree. There is plenty of money in the suburbs, where reform is not popular and where opt out is. You can see the disconcert with which the political establishment and educrats try and figure out a way to handle that.

  2. Isn't it time we as membership had a real and sustained conversation about throwing out NYSUT leadership?
    What the fuck.
    These blogs are such a meeting ground and nobody ever wants to use them to do the ONE FUCKING THING WE MUST DO....which is return our voice, in its proper package (union) to the field of battle. I'm so sick of it. Nobody is trying to figure out ways to insist on an election now...or how to stop NYSUT from getting our dues...or whatever! Forget everything else...forget Cuomo, forget all the ed reformers for a second and lets focus on this one thing!

    But we won't because the vast majority of teachers don't know what a union is or should be...because they are sheep....because they don't read much....because all they care about is spraying out babies.......because its beyond them. As a group, teachers don't have it and wont ever have it. Right now is the precise moment for engagement and action......and I had a 22 year teacher ask me the other day what the fucking TRS was. Thats what we are dealing with.

    Waste of time. We are going to lose. Really. I've never felt it more than right now. We are going to lose it all. NYSUT is our threat......right now. NYSUT leadership should be our biggest enemy, and yet we are more worried about keeping our fingers crossed that we will win a court case, that parents will opt enough of their kids out, and that the ridiculous pendulum will swing back our way one day.


    1. The pendulum is swinging back - in the suburbs.

      Deform will continue unabated in NYC, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Yonkers, et al.

      The pushback to deform only came when the deformers got greedy and took the show on the road to Scarsdale and the like.

      In the end, I think they will retrench a bit and focus again on the cities, completing charterizing Buffalo, most of Rochester, most of Syracuse, and a lot of NYC.

    2. You are so right. They will get the charters in NYC but where I live in Staten Island, there are only three and many teachers and student leave like rats on the Titanic.

      You are right that UFT and NYSUT are the real enemy but how do you defeat a rigged system that lets a clueless fuck like Mulron and Mrs. Magoo win?

    3. RBE
      What are your thoughts about privitizing the smaller cities around NYS? I teach in one of those cities that does not currently have charter schools, but have failling schools. I worry about our district slowly be turned into all charter.


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  3. Wildcat strike, like postal workers did in 70s. When leadership is corrupt, it's time for rank and file to call the shots. We can't vote them out, because they've rigged things. So, we should have the spine that we wished they had, and take matters into our own hands.

  4. And, by the way, it's time to petition AFL-CIO and Teamsters leaders to boycott all New York based companies (I'm thinking financial services esoecually) until law is repealed. This was a *very* effective tactic in 70s for the teamsters. We also should divest our pensions from Dan Loeb and other contributors to privatization. Time to end this crap. We. Are. Not. Helpless! We can fight. It is time!

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