Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Campbell Brown To Hammer De Blasio For Not Being Reformy Enough

Keshia Clukey at Politico NY:

ALBANY — Campbell Brown, the former news anchor turned anti-teacher tenure advocate, is hoping her keynote address Wednesday night to the Business Council of New York State's annual conference will spur its members to focus attention on education reform.


Brown said she will focus her speech on student achievement and income inequality and that the keynote, which she will deliver at The Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing, will also take issue with New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, whose policies “not only have been inadequate but, in many situations, have made the situation worse.”

“We can’t afford to have incremental changes. We don’t need any more speeches. We need real change,” Brown said.

We can't afford incremental changes - we need drastic, sudden, dramatic change.

Interestingly enough, Brown gets lumped in politically with "conservatives".

In fact, her husband Dan Senor was one of the "conservatives" who helped bring drastic, sudden, dramatic change to Iraq. 

That went well, didn't it?

So you know the drastic, sudden, dramatic change Brown wants to bring to the education system will go just as swimmingly.

When Brown says de Blasio's policies “not only have been inadequate but, in many situations, have made the situation worse," she can look to husband Dan and the policies he helped engineer in Iraq as a model.


  1. Apparently Brown wants to destroy the schools in order to save them, just as her hubby did in Iraq.

    I guess we can at least be grateful that the article describes Brown as an "anti-teacher tenure advocate," rather than a "student advocate" or "education reformers."

  2. Lets sic the Donald after this goony freak who has nothing better to do than try and demoralize our public school teachers. This woman was a high school drop out, fired from CNN and so she might have some anger issues. Donald Trump would eat Brown up for breakfast and Trump will make her eat her common core bull shit if we elect Trump. Trump will demoralize the idiot politicians such as Campbell Brown and her Iraq destroying genius husband. Lets give Trump a chance so these blow hard heads such as campbell and her Iraqi husband. Trump has exposed these politicians as "stupid" and this is just what we have here in Campbell Brown, a stupid excuse for a human being. Peace