Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, July 29, 2013

Anthony Weiner Grows Camera-Shy

NY1 reports that Weiner wouldn't let the press cover his talk to a Brooklyn church congregation on Sunday, making journalists wait outside until his speech was over.

Weiner used to covet all the press coverage he could get, but after getting beat up in the press all last week by both journalists and voters (especially this one), suddenly Weiner is getting camera-shy.

Ironic, no?

In other Weiner news, the Clintons turned against both Anthony and Hillary's adopted step-daughter Huma and the Democratic Party establishment called for Weiner to drop out of the race, with one prominent Dem consultant saying he's "a waste of space."


Weiner told reporters yesterday that he will not drop out of the race and said more volunteers are coming forward to join his campaign even as news broke that his campaign manager quit over the sexting scandal redux.

With the Clintons turning on him, he will not be able to raise any big money for his campaign.

He has no institutional support among the professional political class, no union support.

His GOTV operation will be amateur at best.

Now he has no campaign manager.

The Weiner campaign seems to consist of Anthony, Huma, their one year old son and a few masochist volunteers.

Meanwhile sexting scandal news continues to break every day, forcing Weiner to stay on the defensive (the latest two examples are here and here.)

These are not auspicious signs that he can turn this around any time soon.

It's true that Weiner's name will be on the ballot no matter what he does because it's too late to take it off before the primary.

But for all effective purposes, whether he stays in or not, Weiner's finished.

That he wouldn't let the press cover his talk to a Sunday church congregation is just the latest sign of that.


  1. With people like Axelrod damning him, he will probably withdraw soon. When Obamas right hand man, and associate of Huma, tell you to get probably get out.

    1. He made one public appearance over the weekend - and restricted press access to it.

      That was on Sunday at this church.

      He had no public appearances on Saturday.

      The beating he took from the retired teacher on Staten Island on Friday, along with the rest of his rough week, seems to have taken its toll.

      He sent out a fundraising email today.

      Clearly his funds will dry up without new cash - cash the Clintons aren't going to help him raise.

      I suppose the good news in all of this is, with no professional campaign apparatus, his overhead is low...

    2. But he does have millions in reserve. Boy, I would hate to be the firm that concocts advertising for him. I read something somewhere about his misusing 20 some-odd K of campaign funds somewhere too.

    3. Daily News report that he used at least $45 k to investigate the "hacking" of his Twitter account - a "hacking" he knew hadn't happened because he had sent the penis photo himself.

      I'm not sure politico operatives are going to want to take his money. The reason why his campaign Danny Kedem left the campaign over the weekend is because he knew if he stayed he would tarnish his own reputation and perhaps have a difficult time working in politics again. It is quite possible some of the ad agencies decide the same thing - they can make more money by staying away from Weiner!

  2. If he could just attack Quinn a little more before he goes.

    1. The attacks will come from the ABQ movement in August - she will not get away without scrutiny.

    2. Quinn's vulnerable for her record on many points. Take your pick:

      Supported, enabled the opportunity for Bloomberg's 3rd term

      Abided by the closure of St. Vincent's Hospital, amidst charges that this would pave the way for condo development

      Stood by the mayor and police chief with their policies of stalking and harassing men of color

      Stood in the way of rights of the lowest paid (living wage & paid sick leave), until out-cry forced her to reverse her positions and claim the progressive mantle

      And there's this jewel of a video on her at YouTube --"Smoke-Filled Room" from NYCIsNotForSale --so hard-hitting, she tried to get it banned from TV:

    3. NYCIsNotForSale's video on Quinn's abandonment of St. Vincent's to the real estate developers --who gave her thousands of dollars:

      Nowhere to Go

      Vote for De Blasio.

  3. John Liu is the best qualified to be mayor. With Wiener and Quinn knocked out, Liu will have a decent chance. Liu will serve the interests of the 99% with fairness and integrity.

    1. But Liu has baggage of his own. I agree he would be good for the city but does he have any chance to get in the runoff?

    2. I agree - Liu cannot win. But De Blasio can - witness the new Quinnipaic poll numbers out tonight:

  4. He should have sent out pictures of his balls instead. He obviously has big ones.

    1. Perhaps he should have sent out pictures of his ass, because it seems that's where his head is now sitting.

      He's finished - a clear majority of voters want him out now and the race is solidifying into a battle between Quinn, De Blasio and Thompson.

      Good news all around - Weiner plummets in poll, De Blasio surges into second place, and a clear majority want Weiner out.

  5. Weiner's falling in the polls! Hot Dang!


    New York City Eye

    1. Yup - De Blasio in second (was in second in Marist LV poll last week too.)

      My take here: