Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Barbara Morgan Had Previous Profane Tirade She Claimed Was "Off The Record"

Barbara Morgan, Anthony Weiner's communications director, claimed her profanity-laced tirade about a former campaign intern was supposed to be "off the record." 

Politicker reports this is not the first time Ms. Morgan has claimed a profanity-laced tirade was "off the record":

Barbara Morgan, the mouthpiece for Mr. Weiner’s embattled mayoral campaign, appears to have disputed a Friday New York Post account that had her berating a reporter by asking, “Do you even fucking know how Facebook works?”

That line was eventually removed from the article, but many excerpts and countless tweets of the quote remain elsewhere. A Post story today may shed some light on what happened, however.

“Last week, an incensed Morgan called Post reporters and editors and unleashed several expletive-laden rants on Weiner’s behalf,” the paper reports. “She later said her curse-filled diatribes were ‘off the record.’”

It seems Ms. Morgan has a potty mouth, can't seem to control it and then, when quoted, takes back what she said.

Using the kind of language Barbara Morgan likes to throw around, she is "full of shit."

She needs to take responsibility for her words.

In a sense, though, she is the perfect communications director for Anthony Weiner - he doesn't take responsibility for his words either.


  1. And interesting reading, the intern's so-called tell-all:
    Anthony Weiner intern reveals why she, fellows joined New York mayoral campaign
    Says Olivia Nuzzi: Several of my friends sent me links to the same online ad for the Weiner campaign, seeking applications for internships. They thought it would be educational and entertaining. How right they were.

    Read more:

    1. The only two people who didn't enjoy that piece were Anthony Weiner and Barbara Morgan. I enjoyed it so much I might go and intern or Weiner myself!