Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's Time To Remove "Troublesome" Anthony Weiner From The Political Classroom

One of the policies that Anthony Weiner is hawking as he runs for mayor is removing "troublesome students" who have repeated infractions of the discipline code.

Weiner has argued that allowing these "troublesome students" to remain in the classroom and disrupt the other students harms everybody and therefore repeated discipline problems should be removed.

The policy is quite controversial, with protesters going to his Park Avenue South apartment to let him know they are opposed, but Weiner has stuck by the policy, saying that a student who repeatedly disrupts other students shouldn't be in the classroom.

With the news today that Weiner continued to sext with strangers over the Internet until at least December 2012 (and possibly April 2013, just days before he entered the mayor's race), isn't it time we apply Anthony Weiner's classroom discipline policy to Anthony Weiner?

As Bill de Blasio noted in his call for Weiner to drop out of the race today:

“[T]he sideshows of this election have gotten in the way of the debate we should be having about the future of this city,” Mr. de Blasio said in a statement. “And yes, I’m talking about Anthony Weiner. Enough is enough. I’m calling on Anthony to withdraw from this race — for the good of the city that I know he loves as much as all of us.”

If Mr. Weiner were to drop out of the race, Mr. de Blasio said, more substantive issues could be addressed.

“People are hurting in this city. They are looking to this campaign for a mayor to address the issues they care about — how you find a job that pays a living wage, how you educate your kids, how you find a home that you can afford,” he declared.

It is time to apply Weiner's own "Zero Tolerance" school discipline policy to Anthony Weiner and force this very troubled, pathological man, the one with the repeated ethical infractions, out of the race for mayor.

Time to go, Anthony.

There's a seat at a Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous meeting waiting for you.

You'd best claim your seat sooner rather than later.


  1. If I were the opposition, I would merely state that Weiner should withdraw due to his active sex addiction. He simply is unfit to be mayor. If he can't act rationally and sanely in this one area, which clearly he can't , how can he be trusted to run the city? He isn't a healthy enough man emotionally to qualify for this job.

    1. The Daily News is arguing those very points in an editorial this evening calling for him to drop out.

      I don't think it will be long before Weiner is forced out.

      Fool people once, fine.

      But most people don't like being played for fools twice.