Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weiner's Campaign Manager Quits

They're jumping off the sinking ship:

In a new sign of tumult within Anthony D. Weiner’s embattled political operation, his campaign manager has quit, leaving his already skeletal team without a day-to-day leader. 

According to two people told of the decision, the campaign manager, Danny Kedem, no longer wished to oversee Mr. Weiner’s bid for New York mayor after a week of bruising revelations about the candidate’s latest online conduct. The two people, who have close ties to the campaign, did not want to be identified because they were disclosing confidential conversations. 


The move suggests that even as Mr. Weiner vows to press ahead with his candidacy, there are mounting doubts about its political viability within his own campaign. 

Mr. Weiner’s staff was jolted by his admission last week that his habit of sending raunchy online photographs and messages to women had persisted long after he resigned from Congress in 2011. The disclosures clashed with Mr. Weiner’s claims that he had been rehabilitated after undergoing therapy and his suggestion that such behavior had long ago stopped. 

Mr. Kedem had helped guide Mr. Weiner’s candidacy, originally considered a long shot, to the top of the polls in the mayoral field before last week. 

Not long ago, Mr. Kedem made clear he had no qualms about his new job. He sent an e-mail to dozens of his associates in late June seeking volunteers and financial contributions for Mr. Weiner’s mayoral bid. “I am really proud to work for Anthony,” he wrote. 

His departure is a hit to a campaign that was short of experienced staff members, because of Mr. Weiner’s scandal and his reputation as difficult boss.

Weiner can decide he's not dropping out of the race all he wants.

If everybody around him drops out and the only people working for his campaign are Huma and Anthony, that's effectively Weiner dropping out of the race.


  1. Poor Weiner press spokesperson Barbara Morgan who I met on one of her first days at the job flacking for Joel Klein at the DOE. I always had fun with her. Boy does she make poor choices but these people will defend serial killers if it pays.

    1. Public relations people are the scum of the earth. Seriously - when your job is to lie to people, to try and deceive them and make them believe something that is not true, well, not enough bad karmic stuff can happen to you. Morgan is paying down some of her Klein/DOE karma right now. But she's got a lot more to go.