Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

UFT Gives Finger To Rank And File Membership With Its New Bill Thompson Ad

Yeah, I mean literally - look:

Now take a closer look:

See what I mean?

Now it's possible the guy in the ad is simply adjusting his sunglasses rather than giving the middle finger, but really, if you're the UFT and you're looking for a photograph to use for an Educators for Thompson ad (or whatever they're calling their front group for Thompson), is this the one you go with?

In an ironic twist, given what an awful comptroller Bill Thompson was, given the work he has done for the labor-busting Kurron Shares of America, given his hiring of teacher bashing Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch to co-chair his campaign, given his stance that teachers shouldn't get the 4% raises every other city worker got back in 2009, given that crooked Al D'amato is one of his biggest supporters and Mayor Bloomberg steered $43 million to $51 million to Thompson's wife's museum at the very time he was running a lackluster campaign against Bloomberg for mayor, I think this ad photo expresses perfectly what the UFT has done to its rank and file membership by endorsing Bill Thompson for mayor.

It's Mikey Mulgrew's way of saying "@#$% you!" to the membership.

More will follow for teachers if Bill Thompson wins his race to be mayor.


  1. Wow. THAT is unbelievable. Aside from throwing the rank and file under reformy buses, can the UFT leadership get anything right?

  2. They're good at collecting their double pensions, eating free food, shutting down dissent in the in the union, turning off the vast majority of the rank and file from activism, and selling us out to the corporate interests.

    Oh, and staying in power.

    They're really good at that.

  3. I think they're best at dodging questions...

  4. And failing to give out correct and timely information to both the rank and file and retirees, even when asked for it.

    Abundant food is their motto. Refreshments at chapter meetings that will do it. Disgusting is the word for who they are and what they do.

    1. My wife tried to get info from them over the eye care plan on the phone. The UFT rep was rude and uninformed. Not helpful at all. I love that my dues money goes to pay the salaries of people who work at the UFT who see the membership as a pain in the ass to be avoided.

  5. No one at the union is helpful. They treat the members like crap. No one at the union is accountable and need to be replaced. Wish Albany would just let the teachers teach. We are not your pawns. Leave us be.