Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, July 20, 2013

NYC Municipal Union Health Care Audit Postponed While Sides Work Out Groundrules

From the Daily News:

A city audit of employee health care plans — part of an ambitious effort to weed out ineligible recipients — has ground to a halt after a legal dustup with the unions.

A coalition of municipal labor groups repping roughly 250,000 workers sued to stop the three-month-old audit, saying the city should not have started it without first negotiating the terms.

A Manhattan judge last week issued a temporary restraining order stopping the review while the two sides work it out.

I've been away for a the last week, so I don't know if the UFT has informed members that they don't have to comply with the audit until new rules are established.

The city has complained about the delay, although interestingly enough, I bet they;re supportive of Eva Moskowitz suing the state to keep the comptroller from auditing her schools.


  1. Mulgrew sent an email alert to the members not to fill out any forms relating to this audit.

    Unfortunately, how many members read their emails? Since this is an urgent matter that affects all the members' health plan benefits, the union should sent out a letter with the words "URGENT - MUST READ NOW" in bold, red letters. Otherwise, we will have members in the dark about this issue and the frustration level of members is at an all time high.

  2. Not all members were informed. Retirees were left out of the loop.
    As someone said, Retirees only count during the elections!

  3. I sent my stuff in already.

  4. I hadn't sent mine in yet. Now I'll wait. But I didn't get the email from Mulgrew, so I was getting ready to send it in. Mulgrew's emails sometimes reach me, sometimes they don't.