Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Democrat For Education Reformer Whitney Tilson Actually A Republican

No surprise here:

Hedge fund operator Whitney Tilson, described his support for Lhota in a recent edition of his email newsletter. After citing a portion of Lhota’s June education address that expressed strong support for charter schools, Tilson wrote, “I spent an hour with Joe a couple of months ago and was very impressed.” He donated $175.

To be frank, the "Democrat" part of "Democrats For Education Reform" has always been jive.

The real name of the group ought to be "Corporate Criminals For Privatization Of Public Education."

I know, I know - not as CCPPE not as catchy as DFER.

But it's certainly more accurate.

The reality is, Tilson gives to both Democrats and Republicans, but there is common ground always between all the candidates he gives money and support to, no matter what letter is after their names - they're all happy to continue the privatization game Tilson and his hedge fund criminal friends want continued.

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