Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, July 29, 2013

New Quinnipiac Poll Shows Continued Strength For Bill De Blasio

I'm less interested in what this poll shows about Weiner or Quinn than what it shows about De Blasio - he could make the runoff against Quinn:

More than half of likely Democratic primary voters say they've seen enough of Anthony Weiner, according to a new Quinnpiac poll out today. 

BRAWL NEW LOGO.jpgBy a 53%-40% margin, voters say Weiner should get out of the mayor's race, the survey says.

“With six weeks to go, anything can happen, but it looks like former Congressman Anthony Weiner may have sexted himself right out of the race for New York City mayor,” said Quinnpiac's Maurice Carroll. “And with Weiner in free-fall, it begins to look like a three-way race again.”

As of now, Quinnipiac reports, "City Council Speaker Christine Quinn leads the Democratic pack with 27%, with 21% for Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, 20% for former Comptroller William Thompson, six percent for Comptroller John Liu and two percent for former Council member Sal Albanese, the poll finds. Seven percent of likely Democratic primary voters remain undecided."

This is the second poll in a row showing De Blasio surging to second place.

His growth in support looks for a real and we now have a three candidate race - Quinn, Thompson, and De Blasio.

It still looks like Quinn will be one of the candidates to make the runoff and Thompson and De Blasio will be fighting it out for the second slot.

Quinnipiac polled Thompson/Quinn in a runoff and found Thompson beating her by 10 points.

They didn't poll De Blasio/Quinn in a runoff, but Quinn's negatives are quite high and she likely would have a battle on her hands if she faced De Blasio in the runoff.

These are great poll numbers if you're an ABQ and ABW person - Weiner continues to plummet in the race and Quinn, while gaining some support, is going to have to face a runoff and she is not positioned well to come out of that a winner.


  1. Replies
    1. Glad to hear it! Looks like many people are giving him a second look now. It's so good to see Weiner plummet to fourth and De Blasio rise to second. This makes the race, very very interesting.

  2. I can't understand why UFT would support Thompson. My union, at college is supporting Di Blasio.

  3. And this story has broke at the Daily News, from the corner of de Blasio supporters.

    Backing Bill de Blasio, Local 1199 Union Demands Tax Records from Bill Thompson

    Mr.-I've-friended-Merryl (Wm. T.) not looking too good.

    Will the UFT have too much hubris to endorse de Blasio in the face-off vs. Quinn?
    Oh, wait, I forgot, with the Common Core, that Mulgrew's cool with, we're not supposed to refer to classic literary terms, just instructional texts.

    1. Yes, I was going to go up with that Thompson story later - he's a hack, and now it's time he get some scrutiny too. So far Quinn and Weiner have gotten all of it. Al D'amato's favorite candidate has some dirt under his fingernails...

    2. The D'Amato story should be interesting.

      WNYC already has done a bit of research on the Price - Thompson connection, "Strange Ties in Bill Thompson's Brooklyn Backyard"

    3. And Wayne Barrett gave Thompson some scrutiny last week. It will be interesting to see what gets unearthed as he gets scrutiny. He's been in the private sector enjoying some of that laegesse the last few years and some of the fundraisers and bundlers he has sure raise some questions.

  4. Just another bad decision in a long line of bad decisions made by the UFT.

    Or perhaps Mulgrew the Hack saw something he liked he Thompson the Hack - especially when Randi told him what to do!



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