Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DFER Hedge Fundie Supports Eliot Spitzer

Eliot Spitzer is turning into the DFE/education reformie candidate this year.

Not only has Eliot Spitzer hired a former Students First p.r. hack to be his campaign spokesman, but one of the head honchos at the hedge fundie-backed Democrats For Education Reform is backing Spitzer for comptroller:

Hedge-funder Boykin Curry has sent out an astonishing pro-E liot Spitzer e-mail to his Wall Street colleagues in a bid to build support for the former Love Gov in the financial community.

Despite Spitzer’s storied crusade against Wall Street, Curry — managing director of Eagle Capital Management — writes in the missive to his fellow money managers, “Even the arrogance and bullying that some disliked in a Governor would serve us well in a Comptroller.”

Curry, born into a prominent banking family, is the founder of lobbying group Democrats for Education Reform, which raised money for Spitzer when he was governor as well as for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, State Sen. Malcolm Smith (now facing federal corruption charges) and disgraced former Assemblyman Vito Lopez. The group counted the charter cap lift, signed by Spitzer in April 2007, as a major victory. Curry and his socialite designer wife, Celerie Kemble, are society fixtures and known for hosting parties for power players like Cory Booker, David Koch and Eric Schmidt.

Curry wrote in his e-mail about Spitzer, “We have someone who is indisputably brilliant and doggedly hard-working, who owes nothing to anyone (to say the least), and who is expert in business, law and finance, volunteering to serve as the watchdog of the city’s treasure.

“There is a temptation to visit punishment on someone who has betrayed us, but at some point the safety of workers’ pensions and the future of New York City is more important than that . . . Surely it is not worth risking the future fiscal stability of New York — and the interests of eight million citizens — simply to punish a man who is willing to throw himself back into public service. Eliot is vastly better for this job than Scott Stringer on every conceivable dimension.”

Strike two for why teachers should not back Spitzer for comptroller.

Spitxer said he wants to use the comptroller office to audit the school system, grad rates, and the like.

With some in the Students First and DFER crowd joining and/or supporting him, you might wonder just what agenda he plans to bring to those audits.


  1. "Throw himself,into public service"...what a joke. Spitzer has nothing better to do. Trust fund baby , this job means the spotlight, authority, ego , a gateway to greater power, and all the rest. Although I like Spitzer for some of his past work, the fact that the American public keeps getting the same old tired faces, even if they've committed crimes in office, is a reflection of the corporate/fascist totalitarian state we are suffering under.

    1. Everything you say is true.

      Same might be said for Weiner other than the trust fund baby part.