Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weiner Thought The Sexting Revelations Would Come Out Late In The Campaign

It's John Edwards all over again.

Tonight in another slippery interview given by Anthony Weiner, he tells Politicker he knew these sexting revelations would come out, he just thought they would be revealed later in the campaign, closer to the election:

After a brief testimony about the state of public housing this evening, former Congressman Anthony Weiner was mobbed by the media once again, seeking more answers about the online sex scandal that continues to unfold.

When asked about the last 24 hours of his life, Mr. Weiner didn’t pretend that it had been easy.

“It’s been rough. These are things I brought upon myself,” Mr. Weiner solemnly told reporters. “And I thought they were going to come out towards the end of the campaign. And some of them have. So look, I’m pressing forward. I’m running a campaign based on issues. I’m going to keep doing that.”

As some of us noted earlier in this campaign, if Weiner had won a runoff with one of the other Democratic candidates and been the nominee against Joe Lhota, these revelations would have ensured that we got another four years of a Republican mayor in NYC.

Thank God the revelations came out now, before the September primary, giving the press the opportunity to look for more damaging skeletons in Mr. Weiner's tech closet and pretty much ensuring that Anthony Weiner will not be the Democratic nominee for mayor.

As it is, it's clear from the way he's answering questions that he knows more damaging revelations are to come:

During the presser, which lasted less than five minutes, Mr. Weiner didn’t respond to repeated questions from reporters about the existence of other online aliases. He also didn’t say anything when Politicker asked how many women he’d been involved with. Mr. Weiner previously alleged that there were six.

Afterwards, however, he did finally provide a rough date for when the sexting ended.

“Last summer,” he said. “Yeah, roughly August. Maybe even a little earlier than that.” report has Anthony still sexting with his 22 year old partner in November of 2012, cutting it off with her in December 2012, then contacting her again in April 2013, so right off the bat we have an evasion at best.

Then there's his refusal to say whether he had other aliases on line, how many sexting partners he had, etc.

We heard tonight from Nik Richie at that more will come out soon about Weiner and his relationship with the 22 year old sexting partner.

You have to wonder when revelations about Weiner using another alias to sext with another woman in the past year will come out.

Judging by the way he's answering questions, I bet it won't be long.

Weiner's delusional, so maybe he really did think this run would repair his image and set him up or future office.

Instead it has ensured his place of honor as a national punchline and emblem of addiction and dysfunction.

Again, thank God this all came out now before the primary.


  1. And there is the pattern of the weasel answers and subsequent crap coming out. This is becoming all too predictable. I also fail to see how his recent campaign claim, that he's going to protect the middle class, is any less of a weasel statement.

    Of course, I didn't like him very much before this stuff came out.

    1. Somebody said he deals out truth like pizza - one slice at a time.

      Well, he's probably done now - without an organization or any institutional backing, he's got very little campaign apparatus for the primary and it seems doubtful he'll make the runoff.