Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Will Quinn Give Bloomberg's 911 System Boondoggle Some Scrutiny?

After it took an ambulance thirty three minutes to arrive on scene where a seventeen year old had passed out from the heat, Christine Quinn asked the following:

“Over a half an hour for an ambulance to get to a place where a young girl had fainted, was lying on the street, where four TV cameras, at least, the speaker of the City Council and a councilmember raises a great question – how long it yet takes an ambulance to get anywhere else where there aren’t television [cameras] and aren’t two elected officials?” Ms. Quinn told reporters, according to the Daily News.

“I don’t know what in god’s name could have taken so long to get this ambulance to help this young girl but you can rest assured I am going to find out because it’s just not acceptable,” she continued, according to Yahoo.

Speaker Quinn has the power to get the answers to the question of just why 911 calls aren't being answered in NYC anymore.

Here's hoping Quinn is true to her word and finds out.

Mayor Bloomberg may think everything is going swimmingly with his vaunted new 911 system and the corporate press may be too busy writing suck up Bloomberg "legacy pieces" to actually notice that 911 calls don't get answered anymore.

But Quinn can get these answers if she puts the spotlight on this issue.

Again, here's hoping she does before we have some big tragedy a la Bloomberg Boxer Day Blizzard.

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