Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, February 18, 2011

America 2011 - A Feudal State

Protesters at a rigged Panel for Educational Policy meeting are called a "disgrace" by Mayor Bloomberg for protesting his school closure policies.

Governors and legislatures around the country look to bar public employees, specifically teachers, from collectively bargaining or having any job protections.

The president calls for the firing of "bad teachers" during his State of the Union address and gets the biggest hand of applause in the whole speech for that line.

20% of the country own 85% of the wealth but pay half the taxes they paid under Reagan.

Mayor Bloomberg refuses to raise taxes on those wealthy people but doesn't mind closing 100 senior centers, 20+ firehouses, daycare centers and laying off 4,666 teachers and 1,500 other city employees. He said this is the only choice he has.

Governor Cuomo refuses to extend a millionaire's tax on people making over $200,000 a year that raises $1.2 billion a year in revenue, then cuts school budgets and Medicaid because the state is "broke."

While 35,000 union and public employee supporters descend on Madison, Wisconsin to protest Governor Scott's Walker's outlawing of unions in the state, President Barack "Where's the Corporate Money" Obama breaks bread with his REAL constituency in Silicon Valley:

That's the way it is, America 2011.

Welcome to Feudalism.

Welcome to the Machine.


  1. Interesting post in Post today under comments...Where are the public records for all of the Building Authority transactions and contracts...? Anyway, these captains of industry (robber barons) have gotten so wealthy from offshoring labor, AND automation through computers, the thought of lowly serfs making decent salaries WITH benefits is unnaceptable to them. Bloomberg pines for the time when one teacher in an undisclosed location teaches 10,000 math students via the Internet...and that teacher will be from Pakistan working for our $3.00 an hour without ANY benefits, and glad to get it...All students will learn the same thing, at the same time, and be sitting in a cublicle with a video camera on them, so the entire world will be under surveillance...AND BLoomberg and his cronies like KLein,Murdoch, etc., will control the entire affair selling whatever software is necessary, as well as getting a kickback on whatever charter schools the American child happens to be sitting in...sad...but true...welcome to Globalization...and The New World Order...1984...(and YES, follow the money below as far as where the construction money is going...into the schools where the automated credit program is being instituted)

    "Why won't he just tell the truth? Teacher cuts have nothing to do with this budget--It is all about substituting computers for instructors. Soon he will start talking "No" summer school or need for teachers--then he will call it "credit recovery classes done Online" thru Kleins Izone schools. This will serve students that are overage for their grade, failing, or working towards a GED, etc. Surprisingly picking up all those rejected from the new charter schools predominantly in Harlem, Bronx, Bed-Stuy. Of course since the kids will then be used to the online format he will then say it is only fair for them to continue online learning so they can get their schooling at any time of the day. And now you see why Klein -1. was paid $4.5 million to head up News Corps Ed Technology division. 2. Why $1 billion was shifted to the Schools Construction Authority for Izone Schools on 11/12/10 3.Why they want to retain only the youngest and cheapest teachers--they won't need to be in a classroom as much--if at all.
    Hey, like always "Follow the money!!!"--just saying"

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  2. It's mind-boggling. And RBE your presentation is perfection!