Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, February 25, 2011

Call Your Reps In Albany

Here is the portal to find contact info for your assemblyperson, your state senator and the governor.

Call them, email them, leave a message - let them KNOW that while ending LIFO seems like a common sensical thing to do, the rationale that will be used to lay off or fire teachers will be very simple - how much money do they make?

The vets will go, the cheaper rookies will stay.

That's the issue in a nutshell.

So start calling and let's let them KNOW what teachers - actual working teachers, not two year Asshats4edcuators who know work as DFER lobbyists - think about this legislation.


  1. I am going to Albany as part of the UFT Lobby Day. I don't know how much good it will do. I'm a 15 year teacher, I do my job but am worried that I will be unemployed and in my forties with two kids. I never promote violence but man do I wish someone takes all these s**mbag politicians and Weingarten out. Its just a shame that this happened and we are hapless to do a God damn thing.

  2. I know what you mean about the anger. These are very challenging times and they make me want to take Bloomberg's head and squeeze it until puss comes out his ears and eyes.

    I do think they until the oligarchs feel some REAL FEAR for their positions, their wealth, their reputations, their livelihoods, their families and their lives, they're not going to stop squeezing.

    So far, nobody had made any of them pay for anything.

    No jail time for the architects of the 2007-2008 collapse.

    Not even for one.

    They didn't lose money - in fact, they made bundles from the TARP and TALF bailouts.

    And now here are many of these same scumbags supporting the busting of the unions and the end to collective bargaining rights.

    Listen, I am NOT advising anybody take matters into their own hands or resort to violence, but we do have to find a way to take back some power and money from the oligarchs.

    Right now this feels hard to do.

    Wisconsin points the way forward. What has happened in RI should wake up all the teachers who were sufficiently awakened after Central Falls last year.

    we need the four million teachers in this country, minus the collaborators and the asshats, to demonstrate for public education.

    I know that this summer something is happening that is supposed to make that poin in D.C.

    I fear that this summer might be too late.

  3. Maybe it's time for all teachers to apply to Goldman Sachs!

  4. I am not a teacher but Randi pisses me off enough so i can imagine how you all teachers feel. Anyway this scumbag could be thrown out? She is a bigger danger to teachers than Obama or his kleptocrat buddies/masters.