Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where Did Bloomberg Get The Layoff Number?

Moneybags announced 4,666 layoffs of NYC public school teachers despite a billion dollar increase in tax revenue beyond what was expected for 2011.

Many people want to know where Bloomberg got that number from?

It is an odd one, after all - it's not 4,600 or even 4,660.

Uh, uh - it's 4,666.

Well, we here at Perdido Street School have figured out why he chose that EXACT figure.

Apparently when he looks in the mirror in the morning, Bloomberg sees the number 666 branded into his head with brimstone.

So that's where that number came from.

And the 4,000 figure?

That one he pulled out of his ass.

Along with is choice of Cathie Black as schools chancellor and his handling of the Bloomberg Blizzard of 2010.

Here is video of Bloomberg announcing the 4,666 layoffs:

I didn't realize Bloomberg wore so much leather.


  1. Kid: (Hand raised) Wait! Teacher! I know! I know where Bloombug got his figures from, teacher! Me (cautiously): Where?
    Kid: His ass, teacher! Where else?

  2. Well, we all know that Bloomberg is The Devil. Think about it - maybe it's not FOUR 666 but FOR 666. Sacrifice the teachers to Satan - really not far off from what he's doing, eh?

  3. He's just having fun with us at this point...Probably talks to his gay boyfriend over a glass of wine...laughing...(in that nasally drone of his)"So, Bruce...what should I say to torture them TODAY...pick a number...4,666 layoffs....(hehe)...sounds good...fuckin' shmucks..."

    Don't forget...they read these blogs...he knows he's getting to us...but FUCK YOU ANYWAY YOU LITTLE TWERP...

  4. I mean , really...THIS is just child's play to him...

  5. Damian! Look at ME, Damian! I'm doing this for YOU, DAMIAN!!

  6. I just heard another news report, and the number is NOW over 6,000 layoffs...I'm telling you...this is just sport to this prick...he and his friends are getting a kick out of it at this point...and this really is so minor league for him...turn the media off, and "wish him well" in your a Hatian sort of a Bloomberg Doll and do what ya gotta do...

  7. @8:19pm: actually, it's still 4,666, with the rest coming through attrition (as teachers retire or leave the system, they will not be replaced). Still - it's sickening. NYC has $2 billion, earned from skimming the scrapheap of multiple services for working people and the poor (the elderly, the children, etc). The Wall Streeters are celebrating with champagne cocktails, presumably at the same parties that Cathie Black attends, but senior citizens will have nowhere to go for their daytime hot meals. The financial sector is booming back from recession, but there'll be 40 or more schoolchildren packed into classrooms with nowhere to sit, let alone learn.

    We need to pull a Cairo-Wisconsin on this guy. If he succeeds in turning NYC into a wasteland, which he is well on his way to doing, he will be lauded and applauded by his oligarch friends, and most likely rescind his proclamatin that he has no interest in the national stage. Rescind? No, he'll conveniently "forget" he ever said that and just forge ahead and buy the Presidency like he bought the Mayor's office. SCREW YOU BLOOMBERG.