Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NYCDOE Had Erotic Literature On Website

Along with links to spycam companies, the Daily News reports that the NYCDOE was also hawking "erotic literature":

The Education Department removed up-for-sale spy cameras from its website, but left several steamy selections for principals to buy.

"Five-Minute Erotica: 35 Passionate Tales of Sex and Seduction," authored by former Playboy columnist Carol Queen, was one of the books up for grabs.

Also on the special purchasing portal for principals was "The Dieter's Guide to Weight Loss Before, During, and after Sex."

The Daily News reported yesterday that 45 undercover cameras - including ones hidden in a teddy bear, a pencil sharpener and a necktie - were for sale on the official Education Department purchasing site.

Three schools bought the spy gear, and one may be investigated for a possible privacy breach.

The site yesterday also offered "Raising the Bar: Better Drinks for Better Entertaining" and "The Cocktail Kit."

By late yesterday, all of the books had been removed from the site. Education Department officials declined to comment.

Cocktail kits, teddy bear spycams, erotic literature, weight loss guides - what the hell is this stuff doing on the NYCDOE website for principals?

Hey, wait, didn't GE Jack Welch help train principals at his Jack Welch Principal Academy?

And doesn't Jack Welch have a rather, uh, sexy side to him?

Maybe the DOE can say this stuff was Jack Welch's idea?

Or maybe they can just get this garbage off the NYCDOE portal for principals and EXPLAIN who authorized putting it there and then firing that person.

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