Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, February 21, 2011

Michigan Officials Order Half Of Detroit Schools To Be Closed

Wow - we truly live in a Third World Country:

Lansing— Swift and severe changes are coming to Detroit Public Schools.

State education officials have ordered Robert Bobb to immediately implement a financial restructuring plan that balances the district's books by closing half of its schools, swelling high school class sizes to 60 students and consolidating operations.

This week, Bobb, the district's emergency financial manager, said he is meeting with Detroit city officials and will set up a meeting with Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency to discuss consolidation opportunities in areas such as finance, public safety, transportation and other areas.

Bobb also is preparing a list of recommended school closures and Friday said layoff discussions are under way and would be announced closer to April, when notices would be issued. "We are moving forward with the plan," he said "Right now my focus is on my transition plan and the DEP (deficit elimination plan)."

Bobb's last day with DPS is June 30. After that, the state plans to install another financial manager who must continue to implement Bobb's plan, according to a Feb. 8 letter from Mike Flanagan, the state superintendent of public instruction.

Class sizes of 60.

50% of teachers laid off and half of the schools in the city closed.

Meanwhile the hedge fund managers and Wall Street criminals - the people who caused the financial collapse that either directly caused state and municipal budget problems or severely contributed to them - continue to party like it'd 1928.

Said it before, will say it again - until the masses rise up and FORCE the hedge fund criminals and Wall Street crooks to pay their fair share in this economy, these horrors will NOT stop.


  1. And Obama says education is a priority in this country, right!

  2. Poor kids from Detroit...who cares...?

  3. They're probably mostly black and other minority, too. Indeed, who cares? (before anyone attacks this comment, please be assured that it's saturated with sad sarcasm - I've worked in two Title I schools, and I can attest, very few people, other than their teachers, cared about my kids).

  4. Imagine 60 kids in a classroom...??? Wow..what ashame...Yet they're cutting taxes on the rich...that's important...